Saturday, June 30, 2007

Full Moon

during the full moon...there are some superstition and beliefs that some people would go extra cuckoo during that night...more babies are born...creepier than creepy things will happen and all sorts of stuffs....

but for me....

something different did happen to me.....

during this full moon....

no...i didn't give birth to triplets....

but im just super shopaholic

smack little people

yeah...somebody is gonna 'smack little people' tomoro at a temple...

its not like she's gonna smack kids or vertically challenged people or anything like that but she's gonna smack some backstabbers with slippers, clogs or shoes...even a big piece of fat pork...superstitionly....of course.....

smack little people is a direct translation from cantonese...go figure

the countdown

the countdown......

to the next semester....

of horror.......

classes at 8am....

til 6pm latest....


paper 4,

paper 5,


the mother of all worst nightmares............

paper 6.....

daddy of all nightmares still to come....

sickly 'cute'....or 'tau kei'

while helpin my sis to hunt for friends for her friendster [pathetic isn't it]...i saw MANY MANY pictures of girls making puffy monkey faces with those V signs punching holes into their cheeks...

this made me wonder whether its da trend that influenced them to be something that they're not just to be IN this sickly pop culture or is that their true gestures that signifies themselves....
cuz if those gestures shows their true identity..then almost 50% of malaysia has the same

well...i might sound like i hav totally nothing to do but it just crossed my mind...


Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthday presents.....and my dead watch...

one month away and gave me rm100 to spend for my b'day...and i've been spending it on clothes....i love clothes!!!
clothes clothes clothes.....
i need a watch too...last one died...bye bye cute killer teddy'll be missed...she's been with me for a very long time...i even took her along to my NS much memories...*sob sob*

that's why i need a new one...i feel naked without my watch...

All the noise.....

i get scolded and nagged by my mom in the car more than i get at home...well...its a normal thing to happen for a newly crowned P driver...i can drive but da noise making machine can really scare all my concentration away and turn me into a hot dish for road bullies...dammit

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

tragedy up ahead

just got my new class timetable and it ain't gonna so suffer the soul outta me...back to those busy days when i feel like not continuing
i hate flu and my blocked nose...its suffering and noisy...
right now im only excited bout my driving cuz i finally got my P licence...yipee!
then maybe me and my sis can go for a joy mcdonalds...haha

Monday, June 25, 2007

holiday blues

Most of my friends will say "wah, so lucky ar you...having holiday now..." well..on my gets kinda boring when everyday is like this...

wake up>> wash up>> breakfast>> read newspaper>> watch tv>> lunch>> watch tv>> cook dinner>> eat dinner>> bath>> watch tv>> sleep...

i miss those days when i can actually have school holidays along with my sisters cuz when im having my exams, they're on holiday and vice versa...and cuz of this, i can't go anyway for holiday...though im gonna be 18 this year but independence is not really something that my parents are willing to give me yet...besides driving...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bring Him Home

sitting outside at his doorstep
waiting for him to come home
looking at da time at every minute that passes by
wishing that his car would be at the porch on time
then i started having thoughts
that the promise wasn't kept
he probably chucked it somewhere in the back seat
but something keeps telling my mind that
he's on the way back
so i waited a little longer

it's already six in the morning
where could he be?
a million missed calls but still not one answer
what the hell is going on?
i don't wanna be the last one to know
my eyes are already tired from all those tears
so i fell asleep on the couch
but my eyes are still wide open
worried, cold and tired from that sleepless night

i said a prayer to bring him back
safe and sound in one piece
i can't bear another second without him
i miss him too much
so can you please bring him back home to me
i need my boy by my side
there's still so much that i need him to know

my bad habitS

top 5 bad habits:

5. sniffing my napkin which i had since i was born

4. claiming every chocolate product in the house as mine and NOT for my sisters

3. eating while studying (in the kitchen...too muct food...too much temptation...too much choices...)

2. sneezing at my SISTERS

1. PEELING MY SKIN!! [hot peeling spots: around toe nails & finger nails]

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


can u hear me callin out to you?
the memories of us are probably playing in your mind,
have you ripped my name out of your heart?
or is it already tattooed in there,
do you see me everywhere?
do you still cry during lonely nights?
are you puting on fake smiles everyday,
to show everybody that you're ok.

there's already no turning back now,
all that we had have all disappeared,
i've already moved on in my own path,
i hope you're doing fine in your own world,
i know God is looking after you,
cuz i can't be the one anymore,
life is unfair,
we both know it but that's just the way it is.

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Love

told myself to not be afraid,
let him come in and show you new things,
be prepared to be hurt,
be prepared for a new love,
it's been awhile since someone new touched my heart,
its been sometime since i loved someone this much.

i let you in,
and you gave me all that i needed,
we've been through quite a lot,
we've cried and laughed together,
so please don't leave and stay a little longer.

it hurts to be away from you,
it kills me whenever i can't see you,
i die a little more when i don't even get to hold you tight,
wish that i can be there for you,
wish you can show me the true love within you.

my heart is too fragile now,
its been broken and mended so many times,
im afraid that she can't last that long,
so please please take good care of her,
cuz she can just fall apart anytime.


exam stress and numerous pimples are finally over! though im still recovering from da pimple phase...
yes...and i passed those two freakin papers...hehe
though im not as good as those i-can-90%-&-above-EASILY classmates but still...i im safe..
anyway holidays just started but still have that stupid LAN stuffs to do...but if it wasn't for this project...i'll be rotting at in a way...this stupid thing is somwhow rather good...weird..
next semester will be havin 4 papers...even the thought of it is so scary...
too bad can't see my tan tan :( miss u so badly...

Friday, June 01, 2007

stupid hp!!!

my memory card actually...i think da stupid hp seller gave me some cheaplak memory card...its already da 2nd time that it;s goin nuts...dammit...and da worst thing bout it is all da stuffs inside are gone!!! including photoes n songs!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!