Monday, July 30, 2007


i logged into my blog in college n now everything is in japanese....


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

so sad...HAHA

i only got 200+ people who visited my


on the first night on my granma's death...
i was sitting in front of her casket was pass midnight..
then i suddenly smelt a really pleasant fragance...but it was just a second...i tried catching that smell again...but only smelt the drain...some believe that this sudden fragrance means that the presence of the deceased is around...

anyway...she's a loved no

R.I.P. Granma

my paternal granma just passed away last sunday...was my first time attending a funeral...and honestly, i didn't know how to react...
we stay far apart...only meeting during chinese new year and school holidays..
we miss complaining bout her cooking and complaining bout her messy room...
but all we have now are memories of our beloved granma...
i used to be proud telling that both granparents from my mom's n dad's side are still around...
now its gonna be a different story...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

wishes of a big fat pig

have u ever wondered what a big fat pig would wish for??

to be as skinny as a twig....


cuz society nowadays are just more attracted to twigs than pigs...

poor Babe...

the piggy that brought the cute fame to all piggys around the world...

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Found Glory - I DONT WANNA KNOW

I don't wanna know
i don't wanna know
your eyes were covered in sunglasses
when they first met my eye
i sat there and stared at you
you didn't seem to mind
the awkward ways we meet
first comes heavy breathing
staring at the ceiling
what will happen next
i don't wanna know
i don't wanna know
i never cared how i dressed before
but i cared that night
anticipation ran through my bones
and my clothes never fit right
i can't wait 'til we meet again
first comes heavy breathing
staring at the ceiling
what will happen next
i don't wanna know
i don't wanna know
framed pictures start to be put on the walls
constant visits while im out on the road
its hard to leave sometimes
but you know where i lay my head at night
first comes heavy breathing
staring at the ceiling
what will happen next
i don't wanna know
i don't wanna know


Another Tragic case of feeling

Bruised & Broken
But I'm Still Waiting For A Good Day


Boys are so COMPLICATED!!!!




Thursday, July 12, 2007


you walk down the corridor,
like you're on the catwalk,
maybe a catwalk for drag queens,
showing off what you don't have,
under those tight tops and mini skirts,
guess you paid too much for too little cloth,
paid too much for the worst designs,
and brag aloud about your stunning fashion sense,
that gives me an eyesore whenever i take a glimpse,
swinging your hair all around,
making it snow in summer,
your accent is so fake,
your name sounds even worse,
faking an identity of paris and nicole,
making such a scene with the guys,
oh look the plastics are here,
ready to fake it all up,
you label everybody you see,
you only say hi to the hot and cool labels,
you can definately be the epitome of dumb blondes,
seeing a fake like you can be so amusing sometimes.

I'm Not Me

felt so terribly different,
all my words don't sound the same,
my smiles feel crooked,
everything about me just isn't the same,
whenever im with them,
miss my old pals,
miss those days when i used to be me,
now im just a fake,
faking an image,
cuz everybody around me is too good,
while i feel like an idiot,
i used to be so crazy,
but now i feel like a controlled freak,
everybody judges everybody too easily,
feels so damn uncomfortable,
when they look at you with a smirk,
whispering and labelling,
gossips and stares,
don't they have anything else better to do?

I'm a Mess

got my head stuck in a whirlpool,
can't remember what i did a minute ago,
but im not getting old,
maybe just slightly jaded,
but who the hell cares?

just messing myself up,
in the neatest way that you've ever seen,
with duct tape and scissors,
just gonna have some fun with it,
with me, myself and i.

lost my diary again,
thought i saw it at a garage sale,
but who wants to know bout me,
its all bla bla bla,
my words are too small,
and all over the place,
u need a map more than a magnifying glass.

had nightmares on my first date,
can't remember what i did,
cuz now its all about hate,
too bad it all had to end up like this,
but life still goes on,
cuz i'm still inhaling and exhaling.

wonder when i'll ever get out,
locked up in a cell with only rats as my friends,
im no cinderella,
but just a normella,
whatever it is,
there's nothing special bout me,
cuz I'M A MESS


u said u're sleeping...but new posts keep popping up in ur blog...weird....

if u can't sleep...can't msg me is it? 1sen only wert....weird....


Things that will make you go "shit..."

-ants crawling from the computer desk onto me and just continues crawling
-being hungry at 1am while im on a diet
-wondering why im still awake at 1am
-missing my dear
-unable to see my dear sad!
-not being able to drive alone!! [argh...]
-LAN studies
-pestering siblings
-bad line coverage
-low hp credit
-my cooking
-road bullies
-my short hair
-somebody else's fart
-somebody else's burp
-break ups
-baby fatS
-planning what to wear
-planning what to eat at HOME
-financial planning
-nagging parents
-oily skin

that's about it for ultra bored!

Misled Friendster User

yeah...there's a person i know who is a total misled fella in friendster...

personally, i use friendster to just keep in touch with the people i know...but this person, she's just simply adding people out from no where just to 'fill' her friends list....sounds really sad eh...

i know...i did explain to her...hopefully she'll get something in that lil head of hers...

MT Law

Einstein came up with E = mc^2,

but according to the Mei Teng's Law,

Parents = Unfair fun suckers

Definition: The 2 individuals known as parents can promise you all the fun of everything and suddenly turn around and take it back and claim it as "I CHANGED MY MIND"

Example: Scenario 1

One fine tiring afternoon due to 7 hours of brain cracking classes, while driving back with my mom [yes, im still on Parent Probation], dear mom finally said that she allowed me to drive ALONE on friday. Of course, i was more than excited, happy and EXCITED.

Then the next day.....the next HORRIBLE day, i mean....she said " I don't think you're ready to drive alone...i thought you can handle it but i was ASLEEP, that's why i didn't notice your driving"


then i asked myself, "Turning 18 this year eh...SO???"

Monday, July 09, 2007


i finally changed my friendster background!!!

i know i sound silly...ignore me....


im back...

i've been missing from here for quite some time...hehe
anyway im back...and started new sem...sleepy as usual as classes start at 8am...torturing...
i might look all concentrated in front of da lecturer...but inside my head is like da wind....

anyway nothing much lately....just doin same stuffs...studying n having fun...

love my bum bum....

dunno wat else to type....

bla bla bla......