Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome to the World of Kuai Kuai!!

my name is Kuai Kuai!!
nice to meet u...
and welcome to my lil journey of kuai life...

im studyin tax!!!

but every tortoise needs a lil break...

are there any pet reliefs???

me n my best bud, Keropi the plastic frog

so much work...pengsan o....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hard to imagine

i read somewhere that they chose the song 'My Humps' by BlackEyed Peas as a funeral song...

if so...
i'll like my choice of funeral song to be 'Bye Bye Bye' by N'SYNC...

gosh...nothin else better to do...haha


please pet my fluff friend

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wishing Upon A Fallen Star

stepped out into the night
only the stars that are bright
walking and wandering alone in a park
where there's only the sound of the night
looking up at the fallen stars
"where do you land?" i asked
are they wishes that came true
or tears that fall off the cheeks
of the ones with a broken heart
life is driven by love
love for what and who we have
and for what we want
is what we wish upon a falling star


me to go for moral....weeeeeee~~~~~~~~~

Reasons to use facebook based on Steffology

  1. i love ice cream n facebook's ice cream looks better than mcD's
  2. nothing else better to do
  3. i like to poke people
  4. i can superpoke people
  5. i wanna earn munny to buy my fluff ice cream
  6. i can buy as many sneakers as i want
  7. i can buy as many ladies shoes as i want
  8. magnetic words are fun
  9. i wanna pet fluff friends
  10. im waiting for moral class

oh my gosh~~~~

embarrassment never seems to leave me alone....

first of all...semangat only go for LAN at 5.15pm thinking that class starts at 5.30pm...when actually is at week only didnt attend n this happens to my lil pea brain....


then when entering the library, my bag got stuck at the entrance revolver thingy.......
stupid fat bag.....

Sunday, February 24, 2008


if u hav a big appetite that's compareable to a black hole, well, u might wana try the japanese restaurant in sunway pyramid called Shougan [i think the spelling is something like that]...
anyway i just got back from there...n believe me, im stuffed to my nose....though its kinda costly at rm50++ but the food is just way enough to keep u quiet and not complain bout the price...haha
there was a wide variety of sushi, fried food, seafood, desserts and there was even an arabian food section...unfortunately my stomach aint big enough to try everything...
one of the weirdest dish was the 'unagi custard'....sounds gross but its actually quite nice...hehe
and some things aren't meant to be localised....
like the cendol ice cream, i had no idea on wat the taste was...but its just the colors that kinda attracted me...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Look

what do u think of da new look?

n bout the word 'steffology'....dont just popped out of nowhere....


Thank You Speech

first of all, GOD...

secondly, i'll like to thank my parents for giving me a chance to study in SYUC...cuz there is where i meet nice classmates, good lecturers and a wonderful squak to give me enough support and encouragement throughout the whole sem...hehe

then, my popo [grandma] for all the love, chicken essence and manja~~ [though chicken essence really has an acquired taste...yuck]

my friends - JMC, and others for your 'good lucks'.. ;)

and to others who i didnt mention on the above...

PARTY HARD [but not too hard...progress test next month] (=.=)''


Your examination results for the December 2007 session issued on 18-FEB-08 are:
Paper Details: T3INT Maint Fin Recs
Result: Pass
Mark: 73

Paper Details: T4 Acc for Costs
Result: Pass
Mark: 68

Paper Details: T5 Mng Pple & Sys
Result: Pass
Mark: 64

Paper Details: T6INT Draft Fin Stats
Result: Pass
Mark: 97

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a (sigh) new year

its nice to be home nagging parents...sleep s long s i want...stuffs like that...hehe
during the chinese new year, wasn't really as festive as before cuz all the adults went to pray while me n my lil cousins woke up eating instant noodles n watching cartoons....yeah...a new year to forget...furthermore i didn't win the 4D number which i shared with my parents....sad~
then one of my briliant cousins had this Shaving sound in her hp..during the reunion dinner, she told my sisters that her hp can be upgraded into a shaver n pretended to shave her face while playing that tone...
luckily my journey to ipoh and back to kl was jam-less. maybe cuz we left on monday mornin at 8am....once i got into da car, i slept all the way home...hehe

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

~Gong Xi Fa Chai~
~~Happy Chinese New Year~~
hope all of u will have a prosperous, healthy new year!
good luck & al the best!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Holidays are here already...

im sure many will look forward to the holidays...well...who doesn't?
as for me, yeah its nice to wake up a bit later and not at 6am.. [panda eyes increased alot too]
but what sucks about the holis is that i've to deal with more shit at home...everyday, without fail, surely i'll be pinalised for the sake of being the eldest...those who are the youngest in the family should be damn grateful cuz being the 'big sis' will have to take all the blame for every damn wrong thing that happens..
and of course, doing more house chores is a must cuz "you're getting more allowance than them"..sounds fair...even after long hours of classes...u still have to do everything!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


im hungry...
so so hungry....

i hav t7 clas tomorrow...but the weird thing is im in a dilemma...cuz on one hand, i have the motivation to study (cuz i did my homework) and on the other hand, its a saturday...saturday is sleeping n relax day....

but im still going for class anyway...


well...first thing, tomorrow my family are intending to clean up the house...gosh....

and then the next thing is...being at home is like the last place in my top 5 'Where I'd Like To Be Now' list...

nowadays, i've been watching amerian idol like nobody's business...haha...the one in texas is the one that got me so hooked up on that show...the roller coaster enthusiast is like my fav idol!!!