Monday, April 21, 2008

New bloggie

yeap yeap...from now on im on

Thursday, April 17, 2008

moans and groans

hai....another test coming...n every test that comes around makes me feel lazier than ever....
ook so im lazy by what?
im just missing my secondary school days...carefree, laid back, la bear cafe, hanging out at every available place in school, the alcoholic bread in a bottle...
i miss those days....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

er.... :p

somehow i noticed that my header pic n my profile pic looks quite

i downladed Zuma on my hp...woohoo...
me n sue ting ting were playing it like crazy during ms yu's class break time...haha...nah, we didnt play during class...except when she starts yapping bout her ex-gay boss...



once upon a time
i had a little lime
plucked from a tree
and i made lime tea
i like my fluff
just cant get enough
feeding and petting
but not a big fan of the racing
stress equals tax
audit class can't relax
chocolates and candy
always comes in handy
i really need to sleep
or awake i can't keep
but im feeling too hyper
which is not that super
so here i end
my little story
don't go spend
on the unnecessary
lol.....its like so lamo....haha

one of a kind..

which parent would actually do the following:

-encourage all the kids to skip school cuz one kid is skipping

-refuse to attend Parents n Teachers Day

-influence all kids to have the same food cravings so that the Dad has no choice but to let majority win

-threatens the kids of their allowance if they dont swallow down the auntie's yucky kuih

-accuses dad for his stupid genes for our stupidity

however, this is not child cruelty or whatsoever...its just part of MY don't go reporting to some child adoption thingy...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

oooh dear....

i hope my fluff is not dead............

its been awhile...

its been some time since i petted my sad~
furthermore i haven't online for a few days already...the last time i used the pc was yesterday for warcraft...n yes, i conquered the computer (easy) level...haha!
n i online today also its cuz i sampat with me boy..he busy, i free, i type Lubbish (rubbish)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mine or Yours?

In this life, i've done things which im glad of
and also things that i regret doing,
but seems to me that most of the things in life that i've done
is a big damn regret.
Wrong choices and bad consequences
are all never ending,
As each day pasess me by,
i wonder to myself,
"what am i doing?"
Every morning i wake up to is like a landslide over my soul.
I look and wonder.
Keep wondering and wondering.
Is what's mine really mine or yours?
Is this life mine or a shadow or your dreams?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


sorry if the way i presented during moral was very unprofessional...

firstly, rusty presenting skills

second, i thought i was suppose to do photos only...i didn't expect to do the Activity part....

so those who think i s*cked....

the day after monday...

weekend til now...hmmm....


er...nothin much...just over ate some ice cream...



today me n a big bunch friends went to pyramid to watch the most ultimate boring-est thai horror movie ever made 'Deadly Ghost'..
decided to go there spontaneously cuz a bus just appeared when we were reached the side gate..

lunch at McD, fast food always the best choice when there's only like 20 mins more to showtime..

toilet break another 5mins...

reached there 10mins late...

but its a Malaysian culture, well, part of

started off pretty interesting cuz first of all, half of the super-enthusiastic movie-goers entered the wrong cinema...

secondly, the room was pretty steep n what i was told by Vic was that he was more afraid of toppling down onto the chairs to the ground than the movie...

funny quotes by my friends n myself during the movie were as follows:

"the ghost wear contact lens" - cuz their eyes were completely white

"why she don't use tissue to wipe?" - actress having asthma till nosebleed

"when is she gonna drop in the grave?" - actress standing at edge of grave, crying uncontrollably like a lunatic

"YAWN!!" - boredom experienced during movie

"did you say something?" - sound system TOO good

"Ms Yu's T7 class more interesting than this la..." - a fact that's undeniable

"zzzzz....." - shows how our enthusiatic spirit went down to dreamland