Friday, May 30, 2008

Better In Time

Hah....exams are coming n studying has become a compulsory activity even if it means staying home alone while my family goes back to our hometown..well, the good thing is there's peace n quiet n plenty of time to myself n studies..hehe itself works in so many ways and the games we have to play in it is never ending...whether we lose or win in the obstacles we face in life, we have to face the consequences of it..

if we win, the feeling is good, of course...

but if we lose, we just gotta suck it up and start all over again or probably take a different alternative that will eventually lead us to somewhere better...

one of the games i've played is something that many might find bliss in...
i've found my bliss but along the way, there were some nasty rocks that bumped me n trip me over...sometimes the feeling of regret over certain actions do arise but i'll tell myself that its a lesson in life and i should learn from it n never repeat it again..
but one thing for sure is that i never regret making this choice a part of my thought me new things and helped me build my experience and knowledge in life...
but nevertheless, i still got up and carried on even with all the sweat, tears and blood, i still fight my way through...
n somehow, i found different paths that may seem interesting enough to be a turning point in this story...therefore, i've already made a few decisions on what to choose...but right now, im kinda in the crossroads...cuz im waiting for the right time to choose my desired yellow-bricked road...but on the other hand, being such an undecisive person, i can just change my mind within a blink of an eye...

this 'bliss' is can only be put to 2 categories:

1. Temporary


2. Forever

being such a naive being, i always believed in forever and ends up being temporary...but i still accept it cuz it's just another phase in life and also one thing i strongly believe in is that Everything Happens For A Reason.

*Gosh, life can be so mean....*

But u know what, whatever happens in this life, im ready to face it..

i'll do things my way even if i get scared all over and taste whatever bitterness in the process,

cuz I'M READY!!!


To all my friends who are taking their exams for June 2008...good luck and all the best!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

oh no...

exams are coming and da worst that could happen is to fall sick...i was sick for a few days last week n therefore my studies were kinda interrupted s well...i feel guilty yet it hurts in some certain areas....

now im slightly better n i hav so limited time left...stupid sick bug....t7 is coming real soon...following audit and super worried bout audit cuz i failed miseraly for the last 2 tests n the only good thing is i improved by a few marks but not enough to pass...
adding to more stress is my bragging mom who tells the whole world im gonna graduate after this semester...even more stressful right?


this is the part of life i hate most...

Friday, May 16, 2008


monster sperm with wings!!

Done by Vic

victim of photo-hungry parents

this is not cj7...

feast your eyes

they're growing kids...i mean my cousin n sis...

wah...watchu lookin at?

sei!!! -taken during the grading in monash...hehe-


showin some looove...


Wednesday, May 07, 2008


i just saw a friendster profile n im just speechless over it...i found it on a bulletin with the title The Worst Friendster Profile...n i do was really disgusted by all the contents in it...i mean, how can anybody call themselves a whore unless they are really doin it for a living...maybe this girl was set up by people who really have a grudge on her or maybe its just her...but im sure there are all kinds of people in this world who have their own ways of doing things n i respect that...but i just feel sorry for those who have chosen the wrong path...

some of them didn't choose a certain path themselves but forced into it like the Austrian monster, Fritz..yeah, it shocked the world...and its super scary shows that its just hard to trust people nowadays..even your own family members have dark secrets of their own..

but i believe that we should really appreciate and thank the stars for the life we live in...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Orang Besi

Try translating Iron Man into malay....yeah...Orang Besi was the subtitle for the movie...imagine a kid saying " Wira saya ialah Orang Besi!"...people will think that the kid idolises the tukang besi man or something...haha

In another unrelated story,

i managed to put the shout out box thingy in my bloggie all by myself...haha
gosh...edc/efc is starting next week...guess i gotta consider bringing a pillow along...or suffer the consequences of butt spasms...not only that back pain, heavy brain, blurry eyes...its a long list...i know i sound like some lamo but im not that terrible...i think...well, who wouldn't be drained out after 6hours of classes...?


guess i must get back to my morning coffee routine...

oh's my playlist of the moment...when i mean playlist, these songs are on repeat mode...haha

  • Colbie Cailat - The Little Things

  • Leona Lewis - Better in Time

-I Will Be

-Whatever It Takes

  • Duffy - Mercy

  • The Killers - Mr Brightside

- On Top

  • Paramore - That's What You Get

- When It Rains

old and new songs it become middle-aged songs?


Thursday, May 01, 2008


my blog has finaly reached 1000 views...woohoo!!

i wonder what's so nice to read here...haha

thanks anyway!

kuai kuai eats ms.joyce!!

changed my mind

from now on...i'll be on this more wordpress cuz its tough to use n i didnt really get taught to know how to use im back here for good..haha