Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Laughs

That's why I never liked fast food...

Optimus Prime's Happy Time..

Long denim pants FTW!

That should be put up in all elevators...

I'm getting that..

Know who your true friends are..

Gah....hate it...

Another weekend in Ipoh

Just before heading to Ipoh, I was at KLCC and Mid valley...
Following working mom around, therefore, we do get to go to 2 different malls within 5hours..

And guess I haven't been to MV for a long time cuz they haz Swensens!
yummy woo~!
And boy do I miss the Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream...
I had to have it!

I always head for the choco covered cherry first....

This time we went back to celebrate my Popo's birthday...
She's turning 74 next year on New Years Day!

We bought loads of KFC and a walnut some of her cooking...

After all the eating and cake eating, when the the chit chat session began between my parents, grandparents, and cousin's parents...
I had a little so-called photo shoot session with Kim...
*my popo is in the background...


Later that night, we joined my dad's side of the family for supper and we had the frosty beer in a frosty cup...
But if its directly translated from chinese it would be called "Ice Flower Beer"...
*cousins and aunty in the background

Journey back home to KL was a real drag.....
The normal 30min journey to Tapah became an hour's drive...

All due to heavy traffic and the majority of kepochis who slow down to see why a car stopped by at the side of the road to change a flat tyre!!
Its not even an accident dammit!

But lately there have been a lot of road don't speed for the sake of you and your loved ones..

Recently there was a news about a double decker bus that crashed and about 10 passengers died on the North-South Highway..I saw the crashed bus at a police compound near a police station in Ipoh..

It was really nasty and really sad..

And somehow I have a feeling that Ipoh people are too free sometimes..
Cuz they actually parked at the road side just to walk to the crashed bus at the police compound to snap photos of the bus!
And I can guarantee that most of them are looking for the number plate....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas 2009


I got photos!!
Thanks to Porky who lent me his phone..
So snap snap~

So what did I do for xmas?

Well..more like xmas eve for me...

Watched Sherlock Holmes at The Mines..
That place has developed a lot since I was in primary school??

After that headed for Rendezvous for supper...

Cheese Fondue,
Fish and Chips



Too bad I couldn't make it for Christine's party..
It was kinda late and we were empty handed.....

Although I'm no Christian but Malaysia encourages the 1Malaysia morale thingy...
Therefore, I do embrace whatever celebration we celebrate in this beloved country....

What I look forward to Christmas besides Santa and gingerbread man....
It's non other than....

Christmas Presents!

My iPod shuffle from Porky

which came in a lovely box....

see how tinee winee it is.....

from Daniel's mom..

Oh yeah...
In case any of you were wondering what phone I was using all this while.....
Here you go...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gimme a CAMERA!

I know...

My blog is freakin lacking photos..but I've already sent my phone for service and hopefully can be collected by this Saturday..

I use my phone for photos all the time..sadly...

Maybe Santa could give me a nice little camera for Christmas...

Last night Porky and I went to Taman Connaught Pasar Malam!
Surprisingly, it was still open and still operating like normal at 11pm..
Too bad rain came and blew it all around 12plus...
And I couldn't really buy anything....

My mom is just sickly parently weird..

Cuz after my hamsters gave birth to baby hamsters...
My MOM comes and tells me..
"Now you know how it feels like to have unwanted children.."

Shocked. WTF-ed.

For the Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Porky Daniel's birthday..
Although he said that spending the whole day with me is all he wants for his birthday, which I did!
I also managed to surprise him a bit here and there...

Nothing fancy really...

But here are the things I did..

I baked a Belgium Choco cake and decorated it with icing..
Yeah..I made all that!
Although the heart looks kinda scary....

I did joke about making him a Salmon Cake for his birthday..
And it was NO joke...

It was suppose to be a heart-shaped sushi..
But it kinda looks like a weird life-liked heart thingy....

After all the baking and cooking in the afternoon, we went up to Langat Hill for a nice romantic night..

We were really casually dressed..
He slipper-ed and I flip flopped...

There were the people who wore dresses with high heels and guys clad in white collared shirts who ended up going to Gasoline while we chilled at Haven (which I think is much much better than Gasoline which is really over crowded)..

The hamsters aka Our Kids also wished their daddy happy birthday by giving birth to 4 gummy bear looking kids...initially there were 5 of them but one fella didn't make it..

So we're grandparents now...

EVERYONE thought that all our 3 hamsters were males..
But turned out that the youngest hammy, SMARTIES, is a female...

So far the babies are ok..their parents are taking care of them very well...

Hope for the best!

And to Daniel Soon, may all your wishes come true and all the best in life!
Happy 19th Birthday!
Love you always!
Sowee for hogging your mac..hehe

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Xmas is you and a what?!?!

Haven't updated my blog for soooo long! itchy hands..hehe

Hmm...over the weekend I had tons of fun!
fun fun fun la da da de la~~

Like on Saturday I had a bake fest with Christine and Joey at Chris' crib..
Sadly, due to my 'camera-less' classic phone, I don't have any photos of the brownies, creme brulee, short bread and Mars Delights we made...
But they both have photos of it..will be posted up once I get them...

I know, they do sound yummylicious and they ARE yummylicious.....
Gonna dedicate one post just for that awesome outing once I get the photos..hehe

Sunday came along and had Sakae Sushi for lunch at Bangsar Village..and the Xmas edition sushi are all freaky cuz they managed to combine chocolate chips with cheese...

say wut?!

Yeah...choco chips and cheese.......

Yes..I colored my nails...
I was pondering between pink and red but I ended up with this..


Then we headed to 1U..yeah..when there's a car available, we do travel a lot....
The best surprise that I got was my Xmas present..
A little early but I got no complaints.....

Esp when I got THIS as a Xmas prezzie~

Can't blog much..gonna celebrate porky's birthday!


Friday, December 18, 2009

What have I been up to?

Well, this blog is gonna be kinda boring for awhile due to lack of pictures..
Cuz my phone is down..

But going to Mid valley later in awhile to send it for service..

But lately for the past few days after my exam, it has been pretty fun cuz it involved Porky and a Bestie called Crispy Chicken Pau (christine)..

On wednesday around 11pm, Porky was hungry as always..
And just the two of us going out to mamak would be kinda boring so he told me to call JMC out..
Joey had classes so she couldn't make it..
But Chris managed to join we went to Old Town at the Ampang Waterfront..
*I did all this cuz I had the car..and my sis were not just taking advantage of what I have and just drove all the way to Ampang lo...

It was like a mad laughing session throughout the whole time..
Spent almost 2 hours laughing and catching up non stop..
Until we got chased out cuz they were closing..

Then we shifted our asses of to some mamak near her place...
We got home before 4am..hahaha

The next day, me and Porky went Pavilion...
Yo Sushi sucks..its a combination of expensive + small portion + yucks....
Sakae Sushi pwns Yo Sushi!!

Christine was stuck in her mom's bf's new apartment cuz she had to take care of the place due to presence of construction workers there..
So we decided to visit her with J Cos, Chewy Puffs and a carton of milk!
Walking from Pavilion to One Residence isn't really that far..haha

Sigh..Christmas sale and Year End sales everywhere....
I need more money!!

I wanna wear my new dress...
The main purpose for it was to go clubbing in it..
FYI I'm a clubbing virgin!!

Well, it's the holidays...and I just wanna try it....
Wanting to try it doesn't mean I'm obsessed or making it a necessity..
I just wanna try for the fun and experience of it...
ish...susah betul.....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Finally...after months of deprivation of fun..
I can finally press the START button on Holidays...

Just finish my last exam paper yesterday and it is a breath of fresh air...

Currently my phone is a vegetable...
The key buttons are not working except for the numbers...
What's the point of dialing a number if you cant call????

So yeah..I'm using a really awesome phone right now as temporary...
Its so awesome it has a flashlight and limited edition ringtones.....bitch!

Relaxing at home now..
Probably going out tomorrow to see my besties..hehe
can't wait!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How silly lovers can be

I turned to my bestie (Christine)..
He turned to my bestie too..cuz GIRLFRIENDS KNOW EVERYTHING.

But after today, things are looking much better now...

Thanks babe..
Thanks for putting up with us..really appreciate it and love you so much!


I just couldn't resist myself from the temptation..

It was just sitting there, so pure and so clean..
It's innocence attracted me so badly that I just couldn't restrain myself from laying my hands on it..

I know I sound freaky..
But don't worry..
What I was referring to as It was actually my handphone..

And what I mean by raping??

This is rape.

Watch out Blackberry.
You're next.

Joking...I don't wanna die....

I finally know how to use the nuffnang ads!
yay to the noob!!

You should really try the J Co.s tiny donuts!
Variety is the spice of life and your taste buds as well!
For a price of RM18 for 24pieces of tiny donuts..
It will help you in the future in deciding which big donut you should get next time..

As for me..I love everything in this wonderful magical donuty box.....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Difficult me

I know it hasn't been easy for any of us..
The feeling of falling apart is there..
I don't know..
There's just so much going on..
Exams are coming and stress kicks in.. sucks to put up with this alone cuz everyone is just too occupied..

Maybe im just not in the right mind..
And I know I'm making it difficult for others as well..

Maybe this is the time when I should be left alone...completely...

Little Ms Brightside

Ignore those emo post..
They are just one of the very few songs that I listened to throughout the night..
And found some nice pictures that suit the song..
So I combo-ed it..

And the Nothing to Composing post..
Its a fictional story based on the song Here, here and here by Meg and Dia..
It's a nice song..

Anyway..nighty nites!
Gotta wake up to another tomorrow..


Have you ever been so lost?
Known the way and still so lost?

What will be of tomorrow?


Live Like You're Dying

I'll take every moment, I know that I own them.
It’s all up to you to do whatever you choose.

Live like you’re dying and never stop trying.
It’s all you can do, use what’s been given to you.

Mozart said, "There's Nothing to Composing"

The way it happened was this;
He had the smile of an angel and the laugh of one who had known pure joy and he believed in magic and he was the most amazing thing she had ever seen.
She didn’t know anything else about him, this amazing boy, but for the first time in her life she wanted to learn.
His eyes are the shooting stars that she used to wish upon and the freckles on his cheeks and arms are the constellations she could never find.
They trace pictures on each other’s skin and make up stories to go with them, and even though the pictures always end up being kissed away, that’s just as good as the stories.
One time they find a marker and spent a whole evening writing on each other, just silly little things, but when he pulls up the sleeve of her shirt to doodle on her arms, he stops and runs his finger along one of the many scars there, studying how it has warped and pulled her skin.
What’s that from?’
She doesn’t answer, so instead of pestering her he covers the scar with the words ‘YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.’
He never fails to make her cry, but lately they’re always happy tears, so that’s all right.
The taste of him is embedded in her lips and his scent is in everything she owns.
Sometimes it feels like she can’t breath because of it. Once she even had a panic attack after two weeks of not seeing him (and she hadn’t had once for years) but then he comes around and she remembers how to draw breath again.
When he’s there, she remembers things she never thought she knew.
He’s taught her so many things. Like how to tie a cherry stem with her tongue and how to walk on her hands and how to see things that aren’t really there (or maybe they were there all along, and she just didn’t know how to look), how to wish on shooting stars and find every constellation in the sky.
There’s nothing to it,” he says.
Not when you already know how,” she grumbles, but he just laughs.
Try again.”
He also taught her how to be spontaneous, which is something she could never do before. Now they spend whole days living on the edge, doing things they would never dare do if they had thought about it first.
Is it spontaneous if you plan on being spontaneous?’ she wonders. He just laughs his angel’s laugh, and drags her off to go bungee jumping or whatever.
This is how he lives. By living.
How do we know this is right?”
We don’t.”
Then how can we tell whether or not we should be doing this?”
Doing what?’
I don’t know. Just… how do we know we’re really supposed to be together?”
We don’t”
Then how –“
You just have to believe.”
She can’t look at him because she doesn’t want him to see her about to cry. She’s scared that she forgot how to believe before she even learned how.
Believe in what?”
Whatever you want.”
Doesn’t he understand that it doesn’t work that way? You can’t just say something is true and make it so.
There’s nothing to it.” He takes her hands and holds them, presses them to his smiling lips. “You just have to feel it.’
He lays her hands over her heart – “Here,” he says – her forehead and her ears – “here, and here.” He’s still smiling.
She doesn’t understand, but for the first time in her life, she wants to learn.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Shopping spree!

Last Saturday was an awesome day...
Cuz it was shopping day!
Mom, sisters and I started our shopping spree at 12noon until almost 6pm at one of my fav malls to shop - Sunway Pyramid..
And yes, the word SALE is just everywhere!

Sale = Happiness

Went to Etude House and what caught my eye was a 50% discount on this...

I had to get it!
Therefore, I finally got my BB Cream!!

And I got a concealer too....
Which also had a 50% discount..

To cover up my eye bags due to these late nights...

And guess what I got as a free gift?

a Lee Min Ho poster with his pink pussy...

And where did I put it?

In the living room where the family portraits are...
Say Hi to our new adopted brother!

Then I got myself a black tube dress at Kitschen!
A LBD of my own...without mom's was a smart choice to walk seperately...
Pics of it will only be uploaded when I wear it...
For whatever event I'm invited too...hehehe

So who wants to deflower my dress?

In the mean time..I tried others too...
Gosh...I really liked them!
Wish I could buy all 3 of them together...

The basic toga

Basic black toga which was really awesome cuz it totally accentuates the curves...
Good piece to play with accessories...

Black and White

This one is just wow...
Simple but sexy cuz the design kinda draws out the curvy effect..haha
I likey...

And I got myself a vest too!


My cousin recently came back from Korea and they HAD to buy this sweater which had this cartoon character that looks exactly like my dad..
Even I was amazed by the similarity..

Maybe my dad's some undercover celebrity in Korea or something...