Monday, August 31, 2009

A Malaysian's Merdeka Celebration

I know I probably don't give a ducks feet about Merdeka..

But I'll just be patriotic for the sake of today...
And this is how I celebrated Merdeka with my family and Porky...

Roti Roti Roti...

at the mamak...

What kinda roti??

Roti Canai Kosong
Roti Naan Cheese
Roti Tissue
(which was 3 banana leaf plates long!!)

And what is a mamak without Teh Tarik....

Yeah...totally the ultimate most Malaysianest way to celebrate the country's 52nd Merdeka as a true Malaysian eh...


Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm getting better but Adeline is not...
Now she's having fever and cough...*thanks to me*

No more fever for me but still got slight sorethroat and cough...
*still got my appetite though..hehe..*

Lost Snickers...he ran somewhere....
Now Mars is getting fatter due to depression, I guess...

PT2 is this coming saturday...

I'm hungry..waiting for mom to come home with food!!

Porky is still Porky-ing.. (sleeping)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sunday onwards I started to feel a bit of a headache...
But never mind, took some panadols and let it be...

Woke up with a mild headache but didn't really care..
However in the afternoon, I started to feel really hot on the inside especially my face...I kept asking Porky to check but he said it's normal...
But a few hours later, It got really bad....

So I went to Dr Leong in Taman Midah...
And that doctor is one heck of a jackass!!

When I told him all my symptoms- fever, cough, sorethroat, body ache, headache...

All he did was check my breathing and look into my mouth and concluded that it was a throat infection...

And the worst part is he didn't check my temperature!!

I asked him what about my fever?
He said it's just the infection..

And the medicine he gave me for my headache was a strip of panadol...

WTF right??

Later that night, I woke up from a nap, I asked my sis to check my temperature...
She freaked out cuz it was around 39 to 40 degrees Celsius!!

Mom, Dad and Porky immediately took me to Tung Shin hospital...
It was my first time going to the hospital to be treated..
I was scared but luckily got Porky to accompany me throughout everything...

Got some medication but sorethroat still there...
It hurts really bad to even drink water...sigh....

Monday, August 24, 2009


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love for Chocolates

Last Wednesday, Porky and I were passing by a pet shop and me, being a sucker for uber cute stuffs and animals...I HAD to look at the hamsters...

Suddenly the conversation about getting hamsters popped out and I thought if we do wanna get hamsters as our little "kids"...I thought maybe 2 hamsters and a small cage would be good enough....
But somehow I said.. "nahhhh....."

The next day, I came over and found those cages which you can actually extend into a giant castle its colourful too!!

And there's even a penthouse for those little hamters which has a panoramic view...haha

We came up with tons of names...

Michael Scofield & Lincoln Burrows
(from Prison Break cuz they were scratching the wall for no apparent reason...)

Chi & Bai

( XD )

U Song & Ivan
(Ivan kacau U Song who always sleeps)

Nig & Ger


And a bunch of others which I forgot but it was just fun and hilarious to come up with all kinds of weird names for 2 little innocent fellows....

Christine even suggested So and Hai...

Finally we settled down with Snickers and Mars...
Dunno how but sounds cute...

Snickers is for the one which it's fur looks kinda spiky...
Mars is for the one which looks smoother...

S & M


M & S

Here's just a moment of pet noobness between both my sis and I...

"They're fighting ar?...
They're fighting??

So what do we do??

We are a bunch of noobs in pets...I have to admit that....

Thank you so much Daniel..Love you!! ♥

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Introducing my baby sister, Adeline Law...
Know for many hilarious stuns of stupidity...
Here's one of her eating a konnyaku jelly in the eww-est way possible....


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A very dark afternoon........

The sky is soooo dark now....


Cuz it's gonna rain, that's why...

And thank goodness I'm home already ^^
If not I'll be soakin' wet...and I might be mistakenly quarantined for H1N1....

Skipped dinner last nite and felt so so so light!
Lost 3kgs immediately~!!

Had a great weekend last week...spending 3 days in a row with Porky Pork Porko...
Thus, great food I enjoyed...

ice cream~ ice cream~

Can't blog much now...
Thunder lightning is scaring me and I don't wanna get electrocuted....

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Stefanie Time

Buffet at Sakae Sushi in KLCC on Friday~~

yes....I know...I know....
Done by Daniel & I...

The Killer Concoction of Extreme Sourness in a Gelato cup...

Marmalade, Bangsar Village...
For some super yummy dessert...
Oreo Cheesecake and Choco/Vanilla Milk Shake...

Friday, August 14, 2009

He is love

To the one...

who saved me from my darkest days,
who helped me found faith,
who made me believe,
who put me on my feet,
who I'm beyond lucky to call mine,
who can make me feel so weak in his arms,
who can make me smile inside out,
who can see the happiness in my eyes,
who makes me want him more and more,
who knows me too well,
who appreciates everything we have,
who knows how to make me happy all the time,
who is my shoulder to cry on,
who wipes my tears away,
who kisses my bubu on my finger,
who takes absolute good care of me,
who is worth every bit of love that I give,
who is willing to make sacrifices,
who wants us both to be happy cuz what we have now is something irreplaceable, beautiful and special..

To the only one who I call love..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Afraid and....

Found a hidden door after stepping in
Stuck in a place where I don't wanna be
How did I end up here?
What just happened?
I asked myself.

I tried to speak out to you
But nothing came out from these lips
Words of mine that can't be heard
Fear is the one that overwhelms me

All this while I've been trying so hard
To put a brave front and smile for everyone to see
I rather not let anyone know
What happens behind the door

No matter how many times I've heard that
"I'll always be in your heart"
It just wouldn't be the same
Not having you next to me

But do I have a choice? No.
Is there anything I can say?No.
Can I ever stop you?
I don't think so..

I don't wanna stop you
From doing what you wanted to
If only I could
If only I could...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pink Marshmallow

Since morning, I put on a pink tee, and without realizing it, I used a pink sweater too...
And looking all pinky, cuddly and soft...I felt like a pink marshmallow...
Oh nails too...and pink undies as well!

Really couldn't and didn't want to wake up this morning cuz it was raining!!

Rainy mornings are the absolute best time to sleep...
But nooooooo......
I had to wake up to a freakin' test....

Finished with PT1 by ending it with F5 today...
However, tomorrow got class as usual...sigh...
But I'm in no mood for classes...

I know I'm not the only one who is not in the mood for classes...
My partners in crime:
Bad Bin and U Song Koko...


However Porky has to study for his last paper for this friday...after that, woohoo!!!
Well, half woohoo actually...
*sob sobs*
All the best dear...

Gonna have bubble tea has sorta become a normal routine whenever he studies in the library..we just can't help but to love the bubbles in the tea...!
That is the whole point of bubble tea right?


in tea....

bubble tea Pictures, Images and Photos



I stumbled upon this picture and thought of what it's gonna be like in a month or less...
It was hard for me to accept it at first..
Even the thought of it made me so sad and torn know that what I've always wanted will part from me so soon...
What more conversations about it...

Somehow I've learnt to accept it and think about what the best outcome that may be after this 3 year obstacle...
One of it is, it can determine the level and seriousness of commitment for each other no matter where we are in this world...
We can focus on our studies, which is our main goal...

But hey..
On the bright side, he will be coming back here during his holidays...I air tickets in UK are NOT cheap....
But still...I really want him to come back......

Trust plays the most important role in this every situation perhaps...
I know the torment he went through and patience he took to convince me to gain my trust...
And somehow, he succeeded in it...
It's just the matter of me taking time to open up...
I really appreciate I don't trust people that easily due to bad bad past experiences....

Being optimistic about this is probably the most important thing here...
I can be an annoying pessimist, I know..
But I'll change that as it is a good change..hehe... ^^

Anyway all it takes is a little more effort to make this relationship work..
Cuz I am sure of who I have and what I want right now and I do wanna keep this love we have forever...
I'm not really a big fan of the word 'forever' but somehow this is the best time to use this describe how long I wanna be with him....

Although we are just oceans apart, there are so many ways of communication..from skype, email and even snail mail!
So...this shouldn't be a problem at all..haha
Although the timing is different but things can be arranged...
Just hope that I can get my mic fixed asap...

I'm just happy to find someone as committed as Daniel is..
Not like the previous one who left me without a trace or a valid reason because he had to leave for China...
It was too unfair to be true..
To let someone in with all hope and love and at the end, be crushed to dust....

Seeing Daniel trying so hard to make us work..
I could see it in his eyes how much he wants it so badly and it melts my heart to know that...
His determination and passion for this relationship to work gave me the strength to do so too...what's a relationship if he has to do it solo right?
Xp dear, don't worry cuz we can get through this together...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Sorta Fairytale - Tori Amos

on my way up north
up on the ventura
i pulled back the hood
and i was talking to you
and i knew then it would be
a life long thing
but i didn't know that we
we could break a silver lining

and i'm so sad
like a good book
i can't put this day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

things you said that day
up on the 101
the girl had come undone
i tried to downplay it
with a bet about us
you said that-
you'd take it
as long as i could
i could not erase it

and i'm so sad
like a good book
i can't put this day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

and i ride along side
and i rode along side
you then
and i rode along side
till you lost me there
in the open road
and i rode along side
till the honey spread
itself so thin
for me to break your bread
for me to take your word
i had to steal it

and i'm so sad
like a good book
i can't put this day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

i could pick back up
whenever i feel

down new mexico way
something about
the open road
i knew that he was
looking for some indian blood and
find a little in you find a little
in me we may be
on this road but
we're just
in this country you know
so we go along and we said
we'd fake it
feel better with
oliver stone
till i
almost smacked him -
seemed right that night and
i don't know what
takes hold
out there in the
desert cold
these guys think they must
try and just get over on us

and i'm so sad
like a good book
i can't put this
day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

and i was ridin' by
ridin' along side
for a while till you lost me
and i was ridin' by
ridin' along till you lost me
till you lost
me in
the rear
you lost me
i said

way up north i took my day
all in all was a pretty nice
day and i put the hood
right back where
you could taste heaven
feel out the summer breeze
didn't know when we'd be back
and i, i don't
didn't think
we'd end up like
like this

Monday, August 10, 2009

Someday We'll Know

Gosh...I totally forgot about this wonderful song and thanks to Porky for stimulating my memory...
Quickly came home and download it...

I remember listening to this song long long ago when I was younger and back then I had no idea what download was..budak keci betul...

And I just found out that the guy singing in this song is Jon Foreman who is the vocalist for Switchfoot!
wow...such a romantic rocker....


"Someday We'll Know"
Mandy Moore feat Jon Foreman

Ninety miles outside Chicago
Can't stop driving
I don't know why
So many questions
I need an answer
Two years and later
You're still on my mind

Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?
Who holds the stars up in the sky?
Is true love just once in a lifetime?
Did the captain of the Titanic cry?

Someday we'll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know
Why I was meant for you

Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?
Or what the wind says when she cries?
I'm speeding by the place that I met you
For the ninety-seventh time tonight

Someday we'll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know
Why I was meant for you

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Someday we'll know
Why Samson loved Delilah
One day I'll go
Dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know
That I was the one for you

I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow
Watched the stars crash in the sea
If I could ask God just one question (one question...question)
Why aren't you here with me tonight?

Someday we'll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know
Why I was meant for you

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Someday we'll know
Why Samson loved Delilah
One day I'll go
Dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know
That I was the one for you

You make me fall for you,
Deeper and deeper into your heart,
With everything you do,
I just can't get enough of you..

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Diamond Tears

I'm starting to miss you already..

Saturday, August 08, 2009

In My Brain..

  • "oh...we've got a long, long way to go to get there, to get there...."
  • I miss you so so so very much...
  • thirsty...
  • sleepy...
  • F8 on monday...sigh....
  • F5 on wednesday...double sigh....
  • a week without sweet warm embraces...triple sigh....
  • wasted RM3 on a caller ringtone that I didn't really wanted to buy although I likey...
  • eating less since mood to eat I suppose..well, it's a good thing too right?
  • loving my piggies on my phone casing..
  • I think I need new specs..
  • might not be getting a dog... :(
  • just 5 minutes..that's all I asked for...

sad cowbear


My mandarin teacher asked me why I don't have a goal in life..

Didn't really know to answer her at first..
Then she told me that she realized my motivation to study was kinda lack of interest..

Well, I'm already half way through ACCA..
Its a bit too late to back out now right?

So...just deal with it..
That's what I'm doing..
I know I don't enjoy what I'm doing but I'm just doing this for the sake of non other than my parents..

I had my goals and interest last time which had no relation to accounting at all..
But they were all shattered and talked bad about by my mom..

Therefore, here I am..

Living her life..

This is what you call SIAO

Dumb Dumb U SONG koko too free....


Once I was led to a fairy tale romance that gave me so much hope and made me believe in love once again...everything was beautiful and one day, it ended.

It wasn't easy for me to believe in love back then as I lost the meaning of it, as a result of past events that left me nothing but bad memories..
Thinking that maybe it'll happen to someone else much better who deserves it...not me..

Then you came into my life as my knight in shining armor to save the damsel in distress..
Somehow, the damsel felt like a princess after being given so much hope and showered with love..

Yeah, it was like a fairy tale but somehow every fairy tale has its happy endings.

However, my happy ending was an empty last page.

There goes another novel by Steffie Law.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

We Will Not Grow Old

You and me will be lying side by side
Forever, forever
Underneath this adolescent sky
Together, together
And you will hold my heart inside your hand
And you'll be the one to tell me

Oh we've got a long, long way to go
To get there
We'll get there
But oh, if there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old

You made me swear that our hearts will never die
No never, no never
'Cause no one seems to believe that we can fly
Forget them, forget them told me

Oh we've got a long, long way to go
To get there
We'll get there
But oh, if there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old (x2)

Oh how could we know that day, it came with age
That oh, the feeling would fade...

Oh we've got a long, long way to go
To get there
We'll get there
But oh, if there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old (x2)

We will not grow old...



I really hate it when PT is like a month after starting another new semester...
Everything is so rushed...

Trying my best to prepare though sleepiness often gets in the way...


I admit that I'm a sucker for handphone casings..

I kinda splurged on them and most of them either break piece by piece or just look weird...
However, the current one I'm using now is a bit poyoh but very good, actually...
But I got piggies all over it!!
Couldn't resist NOT buying them....

They were just TOO cute!!

The front cover

The back cover

The bottom

The front

Me ♥ Porky

Some random silly stuffs....


I'm watching you....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Without realizing bloggie has been viewed 6000+ times!

I changed my caller tune...
Another one by Lenka.. ♥♥♥


Gah...F7 test this friday!!

Why so soon??

Why?! Why?! WHY?!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Less of you, Less of me

Not feeling like myself lately.
I am aware of that since yesterday.

Maybe this, Maybe that.

I dunno...

If I list down all my maybes, they might either sound ridiculous or they might be just another burden to ponder about in your head.

Not really the right timing to be at this state of mind and heart.

Cuz there's just too much in your mind right now...

I know I shouldn't behave like this at this period of time..
Cuz it's just not the right time to do so..

Maybe, like I said, it takes time for me to open up, pour out and let a helping hand in.
I've always been like that..
Sorry for being like that..
Sorry for being such a problem..

I know you know that everything is not ok when I say

"Everything is OK".

*wakes up and rubs eyes*

I had a dream last night that I was on the way to Lenka's showcase..
The excitement. The joy. Everything was just the way I wanted...

But after that whole Sunday, I realized it was all just a mere dream..

Well, that's life..
You can't always get what you want..
Btw, it's just a showcase..not a biggie...

And as always, I will fall out of love with Lenka sooner or later..just like what I did to Linkin

Don't worry.
This disappointment is only temporary..

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Damn Stupidity of MINE!

My gosh...I had one of the stupidest half an hour of my life!!

Thanks to my itchy hands...I thought WIX offered some cool ass web stuffs for blogs..
So I tried it out and made a huggggeeee mess and completely made my blog look retarded!!


Luckily all I had to do was just delete the post...


Lesson learnt: Never ever do stupid things to my blog and cause unnecessary panic to self...


Oh yeah...

This week I've been asked if I'm an INDONESIAN or a CHINESE NATIONAL....TWICE!!!

I'll love you forever more..

underneath the moon,
underneath the stars
heres a little heart for you
up above the world,
up above it all
heres a hand to hold on to

but if i should break,
if i should fall away
what am i to do?
i need someone to take,
a little of the weight
or ill fall through

you're just the one
that i've been waiting for
i'll give you
all that i have
to give and more
but dont let me fall

take a little time,
walk a little line
got the balance right
give a little love,
gimme just enough
so that i can hang on tight

we will be alright,
ill be by your side
i wont let you down
but i gotta know,
no matter how things go
that you will be alright

you're just the one
that i've been waiting for
i'll give you all
that i have
to give and more
but dont let me fall

underneath the moon,
underneath the stars
heres a little heart for you
up above the world,
up above it all
heres a hand to hold on to

your just the one
that ive been waiting for
ill give you
all that i have
to give and more
but dont let me fall

you'll be the one
that i'll love forever more
ill be here holding you
high above it all
but dont let me fall

Another beautiful song - Don't Let Me Fall by Lenka

Specially to you..
Do your best for your exam k..
I know you can do it~!


Another Belated Prezzie~!

Daniel's mom gave me a belated birthday present...
How nice~!

It's a Clarins Par Amour Eau de Parfum...

Another perfume!!

It's so pretty and the packaging~~

This is really lovely and attractive....

A heart shaped presser..

It came with a little letter that has all the details of the perfume and stuff...
so cute~~

Hmm...maybe she's trying to tell me something indirectly like.....


LOL...jk jk....

But yeah...I do love their son very very very much~!