Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I finally got my sugus!!


*thanks to Porky for walking all the way just to fulfill my childish addictive needs...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lenka again!

I missed Lenka's showcase at 1U few months ago..
But never mind cuz there were many obstacles during that day...

And now she's coming again!!
Not for a concert but for a Hennessey Artistry event...

If you wanna know what's so cool bout this>> H-Artistry

To go or not to go?
Most probably I can't...


Weeky weeky weekend~

Porky's parents are so nice..
They gave me a box of chocolates and a really nice t shirt from their trip (picked out by Porky)...

The chocolates are to die for!!
Chocolate with caramel filling which just makes you crave for more...
Super addictive..

And super cute too cuz the chocolates look like little horses...

Best. Chocolates. Evar!!

In addition to my chocolate frenzy, I found a box of korean chocolates!
I ♥ pretty chocolates...

Yin & Yang..
White Butterfly Chocolate and Dark Candy Chocolate..

I'm having a HUGE little craving for sugus nowadays...
The Blackcurrent flavour one to be more specific..
It all started with me asking my mom to buy snacks for our trip to Ipoh...
And ever since that they, I can't get enough of it...

Last week I searched high and low for sugus around college but couldn't find any!!

Luckily the small shops at the KTM station sell them..

I bought 2 of these but gave one to Porky..

Here's a different story..
Kim has been actively making fruit enzymes which is apparently good for your health, improves digestion and all other healthy stuffs...
And yeah, my house is breeding bacteria........good bacteria, I mean.... these jars right here.....


More Food!!


I'm all hyped up about the whole microwavable popcorn...
Not only me, but my sisters couldn't stop munching them too...

This is because of the POPITA's Sweet Flavour popcorn which has COLOURS!!
and they are sweeeeet....

Looks yummy eh....

The popcorn seeds are colored.....

Here's something which is not related to food...

My dear babies......

...are SO fat....

But now they are over at their daddy's place...
I thought Porky a new game to play with the hamsters...
Its called TSUNAMI...

Its evil but fun....

Hey, You!

Yeah, You!

Wanna see something sexeh...??

*Scroll Down*

*Down some more!*


*Taking this photo is not easy cuz hair went into my eyes...ouch~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eww+Gross+Puke= Awesome!

Yes, I do have a fetish.
A fetish that some may consider disgusting, gross, sick..
But I find it exciting, awesome and satisfying..

This volcanic fetish of mine is called a....

A Zit Fetish.

I like squeezing out pimples, zits, acne...whatever you call it...
Heck,I just love doing it!

The thrill of seeing all the puss popping out excites me...all the freaking time!

Besides squeezing my own tits zits, I squeeze others too..

And these people who always go through these tearful agonizing moments are Adeline and Porky..
My 2 best partners in crime..^^

But I personally prefer Porky's face..
His face is just perfect and filled with pussing adventures...
Oh yes, it satisfies my exotic fetish.......
...that will probably makes you say "WTF?!"

Best. Video. Ever!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm writing this cuz I'm bored

Using the internet at home after being away from the computer for almost 2 to 3 days...makes me feel one kind now..

Somehow it feels like I have no purpose to come online anymore..
Cuz I could be watching TV now..

I wasn't able to use the internet for the past few days due to parental issues...
Worst days ever to endure during that period...
Life just sucks..

Seeing photos of Black Eyed Peas' concert yesterday at Sunway Lagoon somehow made me wish I was there yesterday...
But I can't...I had classes...

But I did go to KLCC after class yesterday to meet up with mom..
And bought a bottle Fresh Rose of incense burner oil at Marks & Spencer..

Lenka is coming again..
But it's some Hennessey Artistry event thingy..
Which of course only those who can attend should be 21 and above of age...
Dear unlucky 20 year-old me....

But I do fit one criteria though - being a Non-Muslim..


I know I sound kinda emo...
But NO...I'm not an emo cow...

I'm just bored....
Dad is watching old people karaoking old chinese songs...
Therefore, can't watch TV...
So online lo...past time...

bla bla bla....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blink of an eye

Without realizing how fast time has pass me by..
It has already been 4 months of lovely happiness with my dear Porky..

My dear Porky who constantly feeds me good food..
My dear Porky who slapped me 4 times on the face..cuz there was an insect crawling on my cheek...
My dear Porky who tolerates my deadly PMS periods..
My dear Porky who pampers me all the time...bwahahaha!
My dear Porky who never seems to let me down..
My dear Porky who I love to love...

I'm so glad to have you in my life..

Raya Holis

Been kinda busy during the Raya holidays..starting last Friday onwards...gahh...
I was just busy busy busy until today - the only day when I can actually sit back, relax and have a nice free time at the comfort of my home..

Was in my hometown during the weekend and came home on Monday...
Just there to visit the grandparents and indulge in Ipoh food...

Mom bought a whole load of  food from Ipoh and now my house is pretty much like a Ipoh food warehouse...
Ranging from kacang puteh to swiss rolls...egg tarts, buns and bread, moon cake biscuits, heong pneah (fragrant biscuit) and others....

One weird foodie I tasted in Ipoh was this Spinach swiss roll with cream cheese filling...
Sounds kinda freakishly disgusting right?
Looks weird too..
Imagine light green swiss roll with dark dots and cheese filling with some seeds inside....
But you know what??
I have to say this...

"Yo you! I'm gunna let you finish with this and all... but the best swiss roll of all time was Ipoh's. Best swiss roll EVER"

I'm such an ass...

Lost count of the number of the cups of White Coffee I took though...
But the Egg Tarts and Yam Pastry at Nam Heong Restaurant were really awesome!!

Yes...I can feel the fatness in me..

Freshly Baked

Went out yesterday and to drive on the roads of KL was like a breeze...
You can drive from left to right, right t left without a care....

Here's one scenario:

Halfway driving along the NPE from KL to Bangsar, I asked Daniel,

 "Why are we the only car on the road? Where are all the other cars??!"

Raya is really an awesome holiday indeed...hehehe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Couple Rings are rings that both partners of that couple wear...right?

Oily Food makes YOU Oily too

Yesterday I went down to the Ramadhan market  near my house to get some food with Kim..
Since there won't be anymore Ramadhan markets next week onwards cuz this weekend is Hari Raya....and the food there are all so CHEAP!!

We had to go there one more time just for the fun of it...

However, one thing I notice is that almost 65% of the food there are super duper oily which includes the deep fried food...

They even sold Deep Fried Chicken Skin..
I know it sounds scary and yet exciting...
So, out of curiosity,  I just bought a pack and it taste ok but the guilt just builds with every bite you take...

Sooooo going vegetarian today...and drinking even MORE water...

And one thing I've learnt is that, by consuming too much oily food, when you wake up the next morning, your face will be oiler than usual..
*based on today's experience*

So stay healthy and avoid consuming too much oily food!

Otak-otak, deep fried chicken skin and squid, samosa..
and Slurpee~

Deep Fried Squid which is not bad..

Deep Fried Chicken Skin which the oil can be squeezed out from...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To the biggest Douche Bag of the Century

This video of Hitler probably explains all the disgust of one person towards Kanye West's disrespectful behaviour at the VMA 2009 during Taylor Swift's acceptance of 'Best Female Video'..


Her victory was based on votes from the public...

Oh wait...
A Jackass will always be a JACKASS..
According to PRESIDENT OBAMA...
Even the President of your united states thinks you're a total douche..
What do you think others will think??
He's just a little attention whore..
He's just mad because he didn't win anything..

Somehow it he did win anything, it would be really really entertaining to see the whole crowd BOO him off stage..

Apparently he was caught drinking, so that probably explains his level of soberness but even then, his actions are intolerable and disgusting...

Taylor Swift..
She's a talented young star who deserves it..
And Beyonce did the most admirable thing by giving Taylor her moment..
Eventhough Beyonce was dragged into Kanye's bull crap..

P.S. I Love You

I just want to see you
When you're all alone
I just want to catch you if I can
I just want to be there
When the morning light explodes
On your face it radiates
I can't escape
I love you till the end

I just want to tell you nothing
You don't want to hear
All I want is for you to say
Why dont you just take me
Where I've never been before
I know you want to hear me
Catch my breath
I love you till the end

I just want to be there
When were caught in the rain
I just want to see you laugh not cry
I just want to feel you
When the night puts on its cloak
Im lost for words don't tell me
All I can say
I love you till the end

After watching P.S. I Love You with Daniel last Saturday night..
I can't help but to notice this song..
The lyrics are simple and yet, they mean so much..

The movie was great and yeah, I did cry a bit.. =.="
But I enjoyed it!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

From Genting to The Curve then 1U with love ♥

This is gonna sound really spontaneous and crazy but I went on a day trip to Genting with Porky last Saturday..

Yes! I did!

We left the house by 8.30am and were there by 10 and me, being a 'genius'...
I didn't bring my sweater..

Thinking that,

 "weather nowadays is kinda it wouldn't be that hot up there...."

Huh...I was so wrong...

First thing we did when we got there was breakfast of course...
Went to some Shanghai food restaurant where they serve food that just makes you feel yucked...

See his face also you know la...

The siew loong paus..

which were not bad...

Then we went to play some Basketball game at the arcade just to cool down before going on roller coasters and others...
The first ride we played was the one that u sit on the chair and they fly you around in circles...

Then it was the Cockscrew..
Then it was the...
Sumi Donuts which were so tiny incy wincy  and sooooooooooo cute!!

Wish I could grab all them home...

While on the Dinosaur Boating ride...

After the Dinosaur Boating ride....

I spy with my little eye....

Cock staring the dino..

He's tall enough to go into the surau...LOL
(it's a map btw)

After that, we felt like Starbucking..
So we went around the whole Genting for more food-hunting...
Our mission was to find somewhere to sit down and enjoy a nice tea in the nice cold weather..
And mission accomplished with more than expected results!!!
Not only did we find a place with a nice outdoor seat...

But the food were just beyond words...

Bread with Curry Chicken

Hot milk with Chocolate that you're suppose to mix it yourself

Milo Dinosaur

Egg Tarts that we bought from another shop..
That I made one disappear...

And finally the best of them all......


Not only are the babies pretty but they taste really good too!!
This is what I say awesomeness...
Especially when you share taste even better...hehe

Then we kinda got addicted to one arcade game that lets you win almost a hundred tokens without you having to do anything at all....

The ball that shoots out of the volcano in the basket game...
You're suppose to move the basket left and right to catch the ball, right?
Somehow, this specific machine....

The ball only shoots in ONE direction...

Lets just say we won almost about 1000 tickets from this machine..
It can be quite addictive...
Altogether we had about more than 1700 tickets and redeemed a bag full of stuffs..
Left Genting about 4 something....
In the mean time we pondered about where to go......for dinner?
And to buy supplies for the kids....oops..
Leaving Genting with the biggest smile on my face...

The stupidest thing was we went to The Curve but there were just too many people EVERYWHERE in conjunction with the buka puasa....
The time we spent in The Curve was probably less than half an hour........
So...we went to 1U instead and had dinner at BBQ Plaza...cuz Porky wanted PORK...

Love the sauce...hehe

My Dessert
Durian Teppanyaki Ice Cream

After getting the supplies for our kids...
We went to the supermarket to buy some stuffs...

Microwavable Caramel Popcorn from Spain..

Steaming HOT fresh popcorn!
Got home about 10 something..
Microwaved the popcorn...and makan-ed...
But  I had to fetch Kim home from her princess party...
So Porky and Adeline followed and so all 4 of us went yam cha at PapaRich where I had my...

 Papa Cendol...



Once again, all my thanks to my dear Porky who actually made all this happen..
Although it was a spontaneous trip which never came across my mind..
But I really appreciate everything he has done..

All the driving to and fro including all the places we went until I reached home safely..
Feeding me until I'm happy and full full..
Keeping me warm due to my genius stupidity..
Making me feel so happy and smiling all the way no matter how tired we both were..

Everything you've done...
I love it and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart..

He lent me his sweater..hehe

I'm really happy cuz I finally found someone who actually means what he says and walks the talk...
Cuz I know a number of people who never walks the talk and just talk more instead..
And I despise people like that..
Cuz they make promises which are meant to be broken eventually sooner or later..

All I can say is I'm on heck of a lucky ass to have someone like him...

Where did the 5000 readers come from?

I think about 2 days ago...I remember my hit counter was just about 6000plus hits...
But today I got about 11963 hits???

Yeah...very....and clueless, curious, freaked out...

Maybe the numbers got messed up...
someone has been continuously refreshing the page over and over and over and over again....


More news and foodie pics to be updated soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat Food

Here's a rather interesting conversation between Joey, U Song and I about U Song's cat...

Steffie CoCo says:

now im emo

cuz im hungry

[c=#AE6DF5][i][i][c=0][a=#BA67FE][b] ( ILLKID MooD ) [/b][/a] [/c][/i] i wanna visit the aquarium in klcc [/i][/c] says:

me too

let's eat usong's cat

Steffie CoCo says:

fried, steam or sashimi?

[c=#AE6DF5][i][i][c=0][a=#BA67FE][b] ( ILLKID MooD ) [/b][/a] [/c][/i] i wanna visit the aquarium in klcc [/i][/c] says:

sashimi wud be gross

better cook cabonara

U SoNg ,a.k.a GoRiLLa KoKo says:

mtfking god

u dont ever try to touch my cat

i'll slay u!

Steffie CoCo says:

i feel like satay

U SoNg ,a.k.a GoRiLLa KoKo says:

coco,trust me

[c=#AE6DF5][i][i][c=0][a=#BA67FE][b] ( ILLKID MooD ) [/b][/a] [/c][/i] i wanna visit the aquarium in klcc [/i][/c] says:

satay sounds good

U SoNg ,a.k.a GoRiLLa KoKo says:

if u touch her

Steffie CoCo says:

yeah...maybe if got extra we make sambal

U SoNg ,a.k.a GoRiLLa KoKo says:

i'll cucuk u like a satay and grilled u up in the oven

Steffie CoCo says:

can go with nasi lemak and IKAN BILIS

[c=#AE6DF5][i][i][c=0][a=#BA67FE][b] ( ILLKID MooD ) [/b][/a] [/c][/i] i wanna visit the aquarium in klcc [/i][/c] says:

good oso


cat become ikan

U SoNg ,a.k.a GoRiLLa KoKo says:


Steffie CoCo says:

the tail we use and make chee cheong fun

[c=#AE6DF5][i][i][c=0][a=#BA67FE][b] ( ILLKID MooD ) [/b][/a] [/c][/i] i wanna visit the aquarium in klcc [/i][/c] says:

shall v grill it?

chee cheong fun sounds yummy

Steffie CoCo says:

the cat so big

Steffie CoCo says:

sure enough for everything la

[c=#AE6DF5][i][i][c=0][a=#BA67FE][b] ( ILLKID MooD ) [/b][/a] [/c][/i] i wanna visit the aquarium in klcc [/i][/c] says:


U SoNg ,a.k.a GoRiLLa KoKo says:

chee ur head lah

go chop ur own porky

[c=#AE6DF5][i][i][c=0][a=#BA67FE][b] ( ILLKID MooD ) [/b][/a] [/c][/i] i wanna visit the aquarium in klcc [/i][/c] says:

so hungry dy
i don eat pork
high colestrol


Finito with F5 today...
Managed to attempt all questions but whether right or not...I'll leave it up to the lecturer....

After that, Porky came to surprise Porkyrize me!! sweeeet....

So, we had lunch at orange and finally I ordered something yucky from the TAI CHOW aka Big Fry??

Honey Pork Rice...
More like pork meat drowned in spicy honey soup....yuckooo!
Gah....the sweetness of it can cause diabetes with just a teaspoon of that Honey Sauce...
Please don't try it even if you DO have a sweet tooth....

Later, off to Pyramid...
Initially to buy bathing sand for the hamsters but we ended up buying other stuffs...
(which EXCLUDES the bathing sand...)

Yeah...I know we're bad parents cuz at the end we bought stuffs that fulfills only our selfish needs....

Went to the arcade to randomly play some racing game but got interrupted by 2 unknown idiots and had to restart a new race...dammit I was leading earlier!!!

Movie time!!
We went to watch The Ugly Truth...really hilarious and laughed soooooo much about the ugly truth of relationships...
Not recommended to be a movie for a first date though....
I like Katherine Heigl...she's funnnny......
~Love the poster~

After that, we went shopping and that's when we bought some stuffs and jelly lens!!!


Yeah...I finally got it...!
So happy!!!
Bought it at Q Box and there were so many to choose from....
I finally got the fish eye/wide-angle lens...and a close up lens...

Oh, I had sooooo much fun with it.....

 I am coffee. I own you!

I own you too!!

I know he's gonna kill me for doing this but...
That's Porky!!

And That's me!
I know it's scary but you gotta admit it is kinda cute right?

I know I scared a few people with this as my MSN display pic though...hahaha
sorry people...can't help it...

Other fish eyed photos....


I'm looking right into your soul...

Nah...I didn't fish-eyed this one....
This is just based purely on.....