Monday, January 25, 2010

wake up in the morning feelin like Katy Perry, grab my backpack, I'm out the door gonna hit the college..

I know my title is kinda silly but that's what I do..
And I like Katy Perry..

Has it ever occurred to you why Mondays are so far away from Fridays?
And Fridays are so near to Mondays?

Unconciously, yes..everyone wonders why can't it be the other way round instead..

I'm on my 4hour break again with my best friend, Compaq the lappie....
I finally broke away from my normal routine of caramel macchaito and had Honey Orange frapp instead...

Not bad...
*recommended by U song the hospitality kiddo..*

Sitting here for almost 3 hours can really case ass spasm and back bone stiffness..
And ultimate boredom....

Haha..I dunno why but I find korean songs so addictive..
Currently addicting to Hot Issue by 4Minutes..
Screw K-pop haters..sore losers!

Don't kill me...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Classes on Saturday!

Ish..hate it!
Hate it when my weekend is interrupted by classes...worst of all is i have a 4 hour break in between and I'm sleepy..
Luckily I'm skyping Porky now to keep me awake..
Currently in Starbucks with my caramel macchiato and my lappie....
Noticing one fat ass who has been talking non stop ever since he sat his big fat ass down...
Ah bengs...eww...

I can't help being observant.....

Yesterday was awesome!
After classes which ended at 9.30 in the MORNING...yes, it starts and ends in the morning!
Later, I went to midvalley to meet up with him..

But I was there much earlier so I walked around and bought a pair of gorgeous blue earrings from Vincci..and since I'm a member there, I got 50% discount!

The CNY decos are beautiful!
Love the gigantic flowers and the dangling dragonflies...
Yet to see the other malls..hehe

Watched Tooth Fairy without realizing the movie got released just the day before..
Those who read my blog often and are movie-goers..
Seriously, although its a Disney movie but this show will literally make you laugh your ass off!
*ignoring the fact that I almost fell down at the staircase...

So go watch it!!

It is indeed a movie worth watching (esp if you pay student price....)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


After a  long day, the thing that you look forward the most is coming home to the one you love..
But how does it feel when he's not there?

Another day in college which started at 9.30am..
Did a presentation on semi colons and attended a lecture on input, output and storage devices..
Had a 2 hour break today..
Luckily I can access my computer account and go online..

Took a bus and train to Times Square to meet up with mom..
Met a mutual friend and form 5 class monitor..

Had slurpee..

All is well in that department..

However, if you think this post sounds a bit lifeless, yes.
I admit.

All may seem well on the outside but inside, I don't know what I'm feeling..
Sometimes I just wish that everything would be the way it was..
When I use to be happier..
Guess its the new year, new timetable, new life..

I'm stuck in the middle, maybe..
I don't know what to think..
I wish..I wish..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Short one..

I can't seem to blog a long one...
Cuz I got so little time..and I'm really tired..
Class at 9.30 tomorrow..

Been out the whole day..
After almost 2 weeks, I got to meet Porky..
We went to Pavilion with his mom..
Had lunch, picked his cousin up then went to see the hamsters which I miss so much...

Although we spent a day together, but the quality time we spent together was merely an hour..
I really miss those days when we did...

No matter how, I'm still grateful and really happy to see him today..
Despite all the things that we've been through recently, I still feel happy to be able to spend whatever time we had together..


Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's my random stunt of the week..

Lucky me, I have a pink heart that matches the pink earring which was used for the piercing..

This is how generous the staff at Starbucks at my college can be with whipped cream..
She even told me that I could come back for more...


Mom picked me up today and went to Pavilion..
lucky me~
And what caught my attention when I was wandering alone was this queue....

*click for better view*

Apparently, those people are queuing up for the Celcom's Blackberry Bold promotion..
Normal price for the phone is RM1988 if I'm not mistaken..
But they're giving a 50% discount which is only at RM988 including the line and unlimited data usage..
Basically, you have to register as a new Celcom user to enjoy such benefits..
The catch is - its only limited to the 1st 150 customers..
But based on the queue, there's way more than 150 people there..and it was 3pm at that time!

However, the 151th customer onwards will still get to register and purchase the phone but at RM1588...
Too bad didn't wake up early enough..

Well..I like the Blackberry..but I don't think I can afford it..
Furthermore, I'll get it with my own money next time..
I can't depend on my parents too much..

However, my parents gave me the green light for getting a new phone (with a budget, of course)
Because they are aware of my phone's current condition which dies and resurrects a few times in a day..
Its surprising that they actually let me get a phone cuz normally we have to work for it...
Like REALLY work HARD for it...

So yeah, I was actually looking around for phones..
And these are the few phones that caught my eye..

Nokia 6790..small and cute!



I'm looking for a phone with good picture qualities..
Taking photos with phone is the whole point of camwhoring!

But mainly I like taking photos in the most convenient way possible..
Therefore, I'm eyeing on the Cybershot range..hehe

But of course, if God could send me a phone from the heavens...
Please send me this...
If you love me enough.....

Day 3

Gosh..its only 12midnight and already my eyes are so heavy..

Although its only day 3 for me but there are gonna be presentations next week..
I'm already partnered with someone to get ready for the upcoming assignments for computing principles..

Study skills is....ok, I think...didn't really do much..
Finite's like SPM all over again......

I'll be continuing taekwando again..
There'll be training every friday at 10am til 12...
At least something to keep me physically active..hehe

Other than that, today after class I followed mom to 1U and I did some shopping...
Bought a pair of black flats from Cotton On <3 that shop..
Apparently, it's the same shop which I saw in Singapore..
The only difference is..

In Singapore - its called Cotton Up
In Malaysia - its called Cotton On

I asked the cashier..
But I guess he didn't really know much...
I need answers!!

And I did something unexpected which I totally didn't plan for...

Let's just say I was too I pierced another pair of holes on my ears...
mou liu~

I had to wait for mom, had a short chat with the piercer which made me feel comfortable about I just did it!
Can't wait for earring shopping!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yes, I changed...

I changed course, I mean..

Its confirmed that I'm no more studying in Sunway anymore...
And currently I'm in Help Uni now doing a foundation in arts..
Why did I choose this path?
I know some may find it silly and a waste of time to do a foundation NOW...
But then again it will definitely guide me to a future that I will actually enjoy doing..
And my time in CAT and ACCA has gained me experience and a bunch of nice friends..

I'm thankful that I actually have the chance to start over..
It wasn't easy to get myself here where I am now..
But definitely I will work harder to prove that this chance I'm given is worthwhile...

Only a small circle of friends know about this...
Well, to the rest now, especially those in ACCA like joyce, sue ting, ei leen, sj, ej and others...
Sorry for not informing you guys earlier..
It's just that I kinda kept it low profile until the results are confirmed...

Studying there....
Its a whole different experience..
Btw, I'm at the main campus which is pretty much a 1km long corridor..compared to Sunway's campus...

From ACCA's 100 over students to 12-25 students in one lecture hall...
I'm still trying to get used to the shrunken classes....

The whole business area where the campus is located is not bad..
There's McDonalds, Subway...and most importantly Starbucks.....

I can say I was pretty efficient on the first day as a new student...
Within an hour, I manage to pay the fees..

Make my student ID..

Collect all the notes...and getting other stationaries...

And most importantly know where the classes are...

Yesterday my parents and I went to the college and sign me up for the course...
Then we went to Low Yat cuz mom wanted to send her phone for repair..
I managed to get this really cute flash drive...



Had dinner at U-Village...
Pineapple Seafood Rice!

Here's a random photo...
Chocolates from my trip in Singapore..
I'm not too sure if they sell this here...
But they just look awesome!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

What's up ahead?

First time going to The Star Education Fair in KLCC today with mom and sisters..
Definitely a fun place...

But before that, we had Chillis..yumm~~
Chillis pwns Tony Romas!!

Yeah..back to the education fair...
The counselor at KDU manage to win my mom's approval of me taking up mass comm there...
Besides the fact that I knew one of the counselors who spoke very well to us with much information..
The college is quite reputable too...

Instead of SEGi..
Who one of the representatives spoke the most horrible chinisi-fied English possible...
She even told us to,
"You go find the counselor at tengah-tengah there ah.."

Oh gee...YOU're a product of SEGi....??
Even my mom was freaked out by it...
And another thing which scared us away is that the counselor of SEGi said that they can't really conduct their degree courses in mass comm because of insufficient students...

That is why I believe there is always a catch to the so-called cheaper Diploma + Degree offer package...
I don't wanna end up working in Nanyang Siang Pao!!!!!

Yeah...I refused to step into UTAR's booth...
I'm such a jerk....

One more thing which really impressed me was the Berjaya College of Hospitality...
I was like totally wowed by the booth!
It even had a coffee machine and a mini bar...
And the counselors there totally changed my mom's traditional perception on Culinary Arts.. (cuz kim wants culinary arts..not me... =.=")
Gosh..the photos of their kitchens and cafes are awesome!!
Even I felt like studying there..
hahahaha!! bye bye ACCA!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Normally I will start to feel sleepy around 3am..
But nowadays I'm starting to feel sleepy around 1am..
Well, maybe due to the amount of housework that I've been doing has been wearing me out..

Have to dig out all the winter apparels tomorrow..
Apparently I'll be away during the upcoming chinese new year...
I'll be away to my motherland!


Shanghai to be specific.....
Guess I'll be hunting down my ancestors..
Christine said I'll probably find them in shopping malls and chocolate bars.......

Yesterday I finally got to meet Jon and Vina..
Sweet and funny couple..together with Christine and Porky..
Went to Midvalley to chill and comfort my bestie who's going through a tough time now..
But I can bet she's strong enough to pull through this cuz Christine, you deserve much better..
We all are worried about you and care for you alot..
So if anything, don't hesitate to call me up..

I'll be starting college next week...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A new beginning?

For the past few days, it has been really intense between me and my parents..
Discussions turned into arguments..

It's really depressing and stressful..

Hopefully it'll all be better by next week..

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2009 Summarized

Check this link out for what 2009 was about in a funny way..

Monday, January 04, 2010

About 2009

I notice a lot of other fellow bloggers and basically almost everyone is writing about what they have done in 2009..

So here's my 2009..

BYE BYE 2009!
that's all..
short and sweet...

haha..what an asshole of me..

Fine fine..
I'll elaborate a bit..

As usual there are its ups and downs and I think I had a pretty fair portion of both..
I still have my family and friends who I love so dearly..
I'm still in one piece until today..

  • Jan 2009 - new semester in ACCA
  • Mar 2009 - crash and burn
  • Apr 2009 - recovered
  • May 2009 - met Porky and found love 
  • June 2009 - ACCA exam
  • July 2009 - poor health but awesome birthday celebration
  • Aug 2009 - we got our adorable hamsters!
  • Nov 2009- stress + exam = fried brain
  • Dec 2009 - ACCA exam then HOLIDAY plus awesome Xmas

Oh yeah..and I made tons of new friends which are mostly from BAC thanks to Porky..
They are a really nice bunch and I really enjoy hanging out with them..hehe

That pretty much summarized the whole year..haha
Its all based on what I can remember..

Now is already 2010..
Wow..time has passed me by..

I'll be 21 years old by July 2010..
It'll be our 1st year anniversary by May 2010..

So much more things to come..

About my studies..well, for those who say that I'm mysterious and has no clue on where I am and what I'm doing..
No, I'm not dating on a daily basis..
I'm taking a break for awhile and I'll be continuing my studies until further notice..

Right now I'm at home taking care of all the household chores..
Not exactly wasting my time sleeping or watching tv continuously at home..
I think I'm more useful than that...
yeah..I make lunch and dinner for the family too...

New year's resolution?
Hmm..have a better year than 2009..?
I don't normally make resolutions..

31 Dec 2009 - 3 Jan 2010

31 Dec 2009
This year was kinda different cuz my family and I decided to spend new years eve at Singapore..
It was my first time going to there..
Excited. yeah..
But too bad my plan to spend it with Porky didnt work out..
what a start of the new wonder we're like that now..

Had breakfast in Seremban at a place called....

Reached Johor around 3 something then checked-in at New York Hotel which is really near the cosway..
The view from my room which can see Singapore so clearly...

By the time we reached SG was about 4pm and walked around Orchard Road...

This simple delicacy was just everywhere...

By night..still at Orchard Road...

I think this mall is called Ion Orchard...
One thing about me being in SG is that I can never get any of the mall or road names right..

We were really lost on the way back to the hotel....
Adeline and me trying really hard to understand the map...
Although SG is small but yeah, we got lost....

1 Jan 2010

First place we went to in SG early in the morning after breakfast was Far East Mall..

A very sweet shop selling kawaii korean inspired clothes.....

After that we walked to another mall..
I think its Tangs mall or something...

But the pastries are pwetty~


I totally forgotten what this mall is....

Clarke Quay..
Its a really pretty place by night that's why I remember...hehe

2 Jan 2010
Bugis Mall!
The xmas tree was really nice...
wait till you see how it looks like by nite..

And guess what I found at Pierre Cardin's lingerie department...
a C-String!!

Later we took MRT to Sentosa..

Inside the MRT which looks like an illusion when actually is just freakin long and super sonicly fast..

Got the Sentosa Monorail card ;p

A view from the Sentosa Monorail on the way to Sentosa..

At Sentosa..
Played the Skyride and Luge..

Got chopped...

Had a frozen ice blended margarita..

And my favorite slipper died on me...

And replaced it with Sentosa slippers that gave me blisters immediately..

One heck of an ais kacang...

Actually there's nothing much in Sentosa....

The beautifully lit up xmas tree in Bugis Mall..

3 Jan 2010
Went home..

In conclusion..
Its always about the shopping....

And finally......
The best part.....


And the most surprising part is I spent less than $100..