Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stay with me tonight..

I stumbled upon this song..
Well, yes, its a very emotional song..

Another change

So I guess I cant make up my mind with my blog's background..
But I think this is much better than the previous one..
for now...

Finally done with Mid Term exams which ended last Wed..
Now just hoping for the best..

ACCA exam results..
F5 - 47marks and F7 - 35marks..
Well, it doesn't really matter now, does it?

Hmm..Im feeling pretty much awake at 1.37am..
What am I doing?
Listening to songs by The Fray, The Script, Lifehouse and Michelle Branch on youtube..
I'm a 'emphasize on lyrics' kind of listener..

Here are a few that I'm listening to at the moment..

Currently I'm really addicted to this song..
Falling Over Me by Demi Lovato..
The song kinda sounds like one of those oldies..
But overall, this is nice to listen to..

Another song which I'm addicted to...
Which is way different from the previous one...
Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine..
I like the chorus for some reason...
How did I stumbled upon this song? - when I was on the plane back to KL...

Whatever it takes by Lifehouse..
A pleasant rock song about giving chances..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When we first arrived in shanghai, didn't expect it to be as cold as 1 degree Celsius..
As days passed by, it dropped to -2 degree Celsius...dang

What I do most of the time when travelling for hours in the bus...

I had to get strawberries..
Somehow I look kinda crappy in this pic..look like im not wearing anything underneath the jacket..

My favourite of all...
Can I haz chocolate?

Monday, February 22, 2010

My fav photos taken in Shanghai

The Pearl Oriental TV Tower which ish really tall~!

Hearts made out of roses in front of Haagen Daz

Me looking at chinese menu..

Siew Loong Pao

Soup Pao

Snow in Shanghai after 2 years!

Cutest piggie pao evar

Chloe, our little friend during the tour..

Dress up time..
Adorable little emperor


Duck feet wrapped in duck intestines

Finally, the grossest thing evar..
Pig snout and pig tail satay...

Well, I must say the trip was quite an experience..
Ate a lot cuz there's just too much food served everyday..
Hotel buffet breakfast..and 10 dishes for every lunch and dinner..
Yes, I've gained some weight but determined to lose it all right now...

Glad to be home..
But not really in the best shape of health cuz i had cough and addition, I also have a freakin painful ulcer on my tongue..

Havin my mid term all the best to myself..
Worst of all is I got back last friday and mid term for English starts immediately on saturday...gosh..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back home

Im back but not much time as my mid term exam already started yesterday..
But you all can check out the pics in shanghai just by clicking HERE


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Expectations kill.
Sometimes its best to not have expectations..cuz somehow the greater you expect, the greater the disappointment you get..
Example: You wake up early morning for that scrumptious nasi lemak but when you get there, sold out.

Dependence is like a drug.
The more you depend on something or someone, the more you'll feel like crap when the dependee is not there..
Example: Chocolate banned forever. Die.

Ignorance is bliss.
You do dunno, I also do dunno..Both happy..
Example: The person beside you farted but you just look away, so does the farter..

My point is..
Don't expect too much on something you really depend on cuz one day, it'll just ignore you and you can't do much about it but to live with it..
Thus, consequence.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 more days

to every one of you!

I know its kinda early but I'm doing this in advance cuz I only have 2 more days left to my vacation..
So far I've only done half of my packing and already now I feel exhausted..

Yes..I completed my study skills assignments..

Computing assignment..well, I've kinda completed my part which is all the written work..hopefully its all that's left is the excel worksheet and survey analysis which will be done by my partner, Sow Mei..
All the best to you especially the presentation!

Anyway enjoy your holidays and drive safely!
Happy chinese new year~!

Monday, February 08, 2010

V-Day in advance

I feel so sad cuz I hardly update my blog nowadays..
Unlike last time when I used to update at least once a day..
Gee~ I really miss my free time..

And I changed my blog template again!
Whadya think?

Finally completed 95% of study skills assignment..
Computing on the other hand..ugh..maybe 45 to 50% I think...

Worst part is I have to rush everything before Thursday including submitting absent letters and stuff..before I go on vacation..
Talking about vacation, I need to pack too...

Last friday, I got to drive..managed to find parking in the morning..lucky me~
After classes which ended at 3, I found my way to Taylor's Lakeside Campus from my college..
without GPS..

The place looks really big but too bad is was raining cows and pigs so can't really get to tour the place...and the jam was as bad as the rain..

However, I did get to replenish myself with some awesome japanese buffet dinner at Gen, Legend Hotel..
In conjunction of Valentine's Day as well..since I won't be here on the actual day ;(


Sukiyaki which Porky loved to death..

Gone were the days when I was told about how beautiful I looked that evening..
Instead all I heard was "this Sukiyaki is the BEST!"
Another epic boyfriend fail moment there.

*Taken with his bb*
stupid grainy purple thingy...

Another great day with my Porky.. 

***no valentine's gift yet though

Thursday, February 04, 2010


I've been feeling really weak the whole day..
Probably because I seriously fainted yesterday..
Ugh..the downside of the menses..

Took some herbal soup that will eventually give me more energy..
But I guess it takes time for my body to actually absorb the mambojumbo...

This is how crappy I look now..
Sick and naked-faced...

Gah..lately I've been hooked on twitter..
But then again I have maths quiz tomorrow...all the best for me~!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What a wonderul morning...

My morning started like any normal day..
As I went to the kitchen, Adeline told me to see this...

Two happy flies mating right outside the kitchen window on an old Asadi slipper....

Get a room...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Got meh..?

Ok...finally I got time to actually blog..
Well, actually I don't cuz I do have some assignments pending but I've allocated time to do it tomorrow..
Cuz its a HOLIDAY for all KLites...

Hmmm...this weekend has been a really busy one for me...
Sadly joycie's farewell didn't happen but promised to be done soon..
Why the postponement again?
Due to the absence of Christine who has to celebrate her sis' birthday..


Ya..I was busy with BAC buddies..
Celebrating Daniel, Teck Chi, Nicholas and Aaron's birthday..
In short - The Guy's birthdays..
We went to AC then Snowflake..
First time at Snowflake for me and I find the black glutinous dessert the best among the rest...

Everyone at AC..

At Snowflake..
Me listening attentively to Fion while Sinying focuses on the camera...hahaha
Photo taken by Mel..

Later after that, not really knowing where to go after that...
Daniel and I pondered at the nearest Starbucks to figure out our next destination..
Which was Bangsar Village..

The main reason he brought me there was an unfulfilled task that was unfulfilled for almost 2 months....
And now its finally completed and I'm truly satisfied..

My very missed Oreo Cheesecake..

Mini Cupcakes


After that, we walked around and bought some movies to watch...
We had popcorn and Coke in the comfort of my home while watching 500 Days of Summer...
A good movie for recovering hearts..


Sunday Morning..
Woke up to a beautiful, lovely day..
The main ingredient to my lovely day: my dear Porky.. is such a beautiful thing...

What we did on Sunday was Porky and I, together with his parents and cousin, Daryl went to Jaya One for breakfast at Duck King where they serve really good duck (the obvious) and some good old dim sum...yummz~

After that, we went for stand up comedy..
Not really a common event among people like us but it is indeed a good experience..

It was really hilarious as they joked about Malaysian people, politics and some current issues..
There was one part where I laughed until I teared..
After the show, I was coughing due to laughing too hard...I guess...

We were really tired after that..
But we chilled, had dinner and sent me home..

Had a wonderful weekend..
If only time had moved slower when we were together..
Cuz I really miss you so much right now!!!

Even that time when you painted my toes.... cute....

Friday the 29th

*this post was actually written last friday but I didn't get it posted up cuz I was rushing my ass to the car from the computer lab...*

In protest of walking back home, I decided to wait for mom to pick me up from college..
Yes..I'm a really difficult person..

The last time I blogged was Monday! long ago..but then again, I have 4 hours break on I'm pretty free to do stuffs like that..
Today classes are till 12.30 and here I am sitting in the comp lab waiting for mom who'll probably come around 3something....

Yesterday was a fun day but tiring indeed..
I took a bus and two trains to Subang from Bangsar...
I bumped into U Song at KTM Sentral and so happen he was going to Subang to meet Ivan..but Ivan didn't show up..

So he followed me and we both went to Pyramid where we met Good Bin..haha..
It's been too long since I've seen the both of them...
It was great to catch up with them and chit chat all the way although we only had 2 hours..
Blame public transport and annoying mother...
Managed to spend a little time with Porky after he finished a movie with his friends..

Since I'm pretty much wasting my time here..
I see there's a lot of negative feedbacks about the newly launched iPad..
When I first heard it..what came to my mind was Kotex..
But wasn't..

It's actually pretty much like a bigger piece of iPod Touch..

But seriously what really comes to my mind is this...