Sunday, March 28, 2010

Note of Appreciation ♥

♥ This is a little dedication for you ♥

You are definitely the most caring and wonderful person, my dear~
I'll be always grateful and appreciate everything that you've done for me..
You make me so happy until I cried today!
Cried tears of joy..

Every time I see you, I just can't stop smiling..
Cuz you really make me the happiest and I'm so lucky to have you..
Really really am!

You have shown me how much you really care for me..
And that you do walk the talk which not many people do nowadays..
I mean it when I said that you're the best cuz you really are..

No one has ever done so much for me..
And I don't mean buying the material things..

But its the things that you do for me and with me like:
Taking me to the doctor, 
Talking to me until late at night even though you're really tired, 
Supporting me in everything I do, 
Making me laugh, 
Protecting me,
Giving me warmth in my heart, 
Being my shoulder to cry on 
and so much more....

I am very sure of what my heart wants and there's no need to worry about anything at all between us..
You are the one who I want to be with and grow old with..
Cuz you are really really the best that I've ever had and I wanna keep you all to myself!!!

This life we have together is definitely unexpected and unpredicted..
And I'm glad what happened, happened..
I'm looking forward to a life ahead that I have with you..

You complete me entirely..
I love you but somehow I feel that the word 'love' is just the tip of the iceberg..
I really mean it cuz you're the reason why my life has changed so much for the better..
You're also the reason for the meaning of true love..

Thank you, my dear Porky~

Blissfully Blessed

See that guy in his blanket there?
Taken via skype while he's watching football..
Adorable, isn't he?

Every time he looks over, we'll just smile and blow kisses at each other..
Even after we've spent the entire day together..
-Inseparable & Crazily in Love-

This morning, we went for dim sum with his mom..
Then drove by to get some Wondermilk cupcakes..yumm~
Too bad Im still coughing so no chocolate cupcakes!!

Then, we watched Eurotrip and Two and a Half Men..

After that, we somehow decided to do something different....

I find the last photo really cute...

And yes, I finally got my awesome gift..

Had dinner at Nirwana, Bangsar...
Not really a good idea to have curry during cough.......

Later that night, we were at Starbucks in Seksyen 9 for Earth Hour from 8.30pm onwards..
We were also given coffee tasting lessons...

Sadly, they didnt switch off all the lights cuz there were people reading there...
sigh...shah alam people are no fun people...

Earlier I didnt understand why he kept insisting on going to the Starbucks in Seksyen 9!!
But turns out that he wanted to take me to the doctor right across the street.....

Guess he couldnt take my mom's procrastination and refusal to take me to the doctor..
So he did it instead..
Turns out my tonsils are both swollen...

I really felt grateful at that moment to have someone like that...
If not, I would be coughing for weeks!!

Hopefully I will get well soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Have a Gleeful Day!

I just had a medium size wan tan mee..
Why am I hungry again?

Another week well spent in bad health..
*cough cough*
It interrupts my sleep too..

Funniest coughing scenario would have to be during study skills class.
I coughed so badly until my lecturer offered me cough drops...
Really nice of her though..

However, being sick will definitely NOT stop me from watching my favourite shows..

I wasn't really a fan of musical until I watch Glee...
Yes, I'm a GLEEK!
Hilarious plus a little drama here and there..

He's BACK!
In a psychiatric hospital...
Been waiting for season 6 for so long ever since the last episode in season 5 when he was hallucinating like crazy...

Although I didn't get to meet my McPorky today, hopefully we can meet tomorrow..
Then together we can piss TNB off by switching off all the lights..

You know what....
I have a sudden craving for:

  • chocolate Hello Panda
  • Maui chocolate low fat ice cream @ BR (BEST ICE CREAM EVARR!!)
  • salmon sashimi
  • coca cola
  • pasta
  • nasi lemak sotong
  • watermelon
  • caramel latte

Call my hp number and you too can donate to the "Feed a Stefanie, Save the World" Foundation..
You too can make a difference..

Think about it if I have all that at once..
I will be able to lose weight from all that diarrhea!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've been having a very bad cough lately for almost 4 days..
But Im taking my meds, lozenges and drinking lots of water..
Hopefully will get well soon..

Its QUIZ week!

Just finished with English quiz today..
So much for the debate about 'plastic was' and 'plastics were'..


Im hooked on TikiFarm again..
*omg! load quickly dammit*


My daddy is away in Taiping..
I miss bullying him..


I wonder what you dream of sometimes..
Until you don't wanna wake up even though I've called you countless times..
Nah..I'm not mad..
Just needing you, my dear cocaine 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magic Words: Warehouse Sale!

Oh yes they are magical words indeed!
Especially when its from one of my favourite cosmetic products like Maybelline and Loreal..

I got the Maybelline clear mineral foundation and Loreal's Colour Appeal eyeshadow..
Both of them only cost me RM34..

Bought other stuffs too like toners and creams..
What a conducive day..

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm the Jerk in this story but you know I still love you, right? XD

Talking about girls....
It would just give shivers down every guy's spine as they will be reminded as PMS...
"PMS - Coming to your girlfriend near you"

Or sometimes just naturally emotionally me..
"Stefanie Law - Emotionally always"

Yes, I've been down for a couple of days..
But it was for a valid reason - not being able to see my porky.

It is NOT wrong to be sad over this matter, ok!
We stay really really far away!
Like Cheras to Shah Alam!!
It's like China to Spain...?

Sadly, no matter how romantically in love we look like we're in, we don't meet everyday although we look like we do...

However, he knew I was unhappy about it big time and he really went all out just to put that smile back on my face.

He wanted to surprise me in Starbucks near my college but it kinda failed cuz I was already on the way to the Putra stop at Bangsar...
dear gawd......

When he got to the station to meet me, I was sooooooo GUILTY for not going to Starbucks at my college to "check the price of the water tumblers" like he asked me to..cuz I thought of checking it in KL Sentral..

*Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry..Naega naega naega meonjeo..Nege nege nege ppajyeo..Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby"

And of all days, my black old trusty peep toe shoe was dying a slow death, he walked around MidValley with me and got me a pair of shoes!
Not just shoes shoes..

Red - always wanted that color.
Wedges - always wanted to have one in my collection.

It was a 2 in 1 wish come true!

Best boyfriend in the world?
And the sweetest too!

Just like.....
Paddington Pancakes..

I likey the banana and chocolate filled pancake (the 2nd one)...

So so glee glad to meet my one and only sweetest, most loving and caring sweetie porky pie in the whole wide world!

PDA much?
Dont care.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You make me =)

   No matter how long we are able spend our time together, whether its an hour or a few days, I just can't get enough of being with you.

   You are definitely the best thing that I have ever had in my life that brightens up every single minute of my days and nights.

   Whenever we meet, what I look forward the most is leaning on your right chest and staring right into your eyes, feeling comfortable and secure all at the same time. Not a worry in mind.
    How I wish we can do this every single day.

  But I still consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to have such a loving, caring, funny, kind, silly gentleman like you. 

   We never fail to paint the most beautiful smiles onto our faces whenever we talk about how we met until the day we got together. 
   That story seems so evergreen.

   The laughter that we bring to each other with every single ridiculous thing that we do and things we say that are just crazy, yet hilarious.

    Being myself in front of you brings out the best in me and I hope I do make you feel the same way too.

    Thank you for everything, especially dealing with my PMSing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something for you ♥

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

I heard this song on radio but I just can't seem to remember to search for it..
But thanks to Christine for posting up on facebook!
Gosh Gosh Gosh!
I lurrvve this song~

I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now~ 

Dunno why nowadays I can cry so easily at the split second of missing..
Even after being with you for the weekend..
I feel more needy now..
Good or Bad?

Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

As many times as I blink,
I'll think of you tonight~

Monday, March 08, 2010

A Letter

This is what I did during my 3 hour break today.

Dear Daniel,

I have to say that you have given me the best 9 months of a happy and honest relationship any girl can dream of.
You have made me the happiest and luckiest girl to have you as a boyfriend.
I can never ask for anything more from you as you have given me the best of everything in life, especially true love.
But there is something which I have kept to myself for a really long time, and I kills me to hide this from you.
Somehow, I think its about time that I should tell you this.
And I hope you won't treat me differently after reading this.

It all happened last Saturday when you bought the gelato ice cream.
I just couldnt believe what I saw.
Out of the 3 flavours, there was one flavour in particular which has affected me really badly.
I've never tasted such weird, yucky cookies n cream ice cream in my life.
Personally, Baskin Robbin's cookies n cream FTW.
With expectations that gelato ice cream is suppose to be of high quality, I was truly disappointed.
Maybe if you had picked the pure chocolate flavour, this wouldnt have happened - I mean, this letter.

Love you always,
Steffie Law
(The Idiot you're gonna be stuck with the rest of your life)

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Hah....had another great weekend!
Too bad it had to end so fast..

Funzy Friday
Class finished at 9.30am and hung out with felicia till 11am..
Basically I accompanied her until her next class..haha

Then I decided to be a SuperGirl(friend) by 'surprising' my Porky at his college..
Traveled all the way from my college to Taylor's by RapidKL bus, Putra, KTM and Taxi..
It wasn't easy but worth it!
Too bad that every time I show up at his college, I'm always sloppily dressed...
Plain pink t-shirt, shorts and plain black ballerina flats..

I was hoping that my accessories - bangle and cubic necklace, could save me..but sadly, it didn't..

AGAIN I failed at being an impressive girlfriend, therefore, I had to hide myself away from embarrassing him in front of his friends..
Yeah, previously I  visited him in college, I showed up in shorts and black flats...ugh...

After meeting up, we went home and just chill out, have lunch and watch some videos..

At night however, out of spontaneity, both of us met up with Christine...
And I lost my clubbing virginity to an indian club called Absolute which is opposite La Bodega in Bangsar...

The inner indian side of me was brought out..didn't do much but just a drink and shisha - which Porky wanted so badly for God knows what reason..........
Quite an experience I can say..
Its funny how all indian songs can turn into clubbing songs...
And my dear Christine Anysha is a certified Indian Fail..
But I still love her!
Finally met her friend, Lynn..quite a hottie..her legs are killers!

And yay!
I finally got to wear my dress and it was awesome!!
Although it wasn't an easy task....

I did called Joey out after that, but she didn't pick up my call...3 times...


As the sunshine falls upon us and I got to wake up to a wonderful morning with you..

After my chinese class in the morning, his parents came and took us both out for brunch at PJ..
They took us for some really nice fried chicken..

Went to his place to wash the hamster cage which hasn't been washed since chinese new year...gawd....

Later, we went to 1U and had Chilli's for dinner which was quite disappointing compared to the one in KLCC and MidValley..

Then we had gelato ice-cream..walked around and had so much fun!
We can be so playful at times..

For example, he saw a couple on the escalator and said the girl so sweet hug the bf..and I gave him a Christian side hug around the belly...

Idiot at work - the best description that I can define myself as..

But overall, I had another funtastic weekend..
Wish I can pms less too...I hate being pms-tic....

For some reason, I love this photo with my Porkidily Porky boo...
Based on this photo, my interpretation is..

Although I may be a silly dumb dumb, 
he still loves me for who I am,
 no matter how idiotic I am, 
how sloppily I dress, 
how silly I can be, 
how pms-tic I can get;

He will always be by my side and always will forever be..

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I'm really trying to save up to get myself a new phone..
My current one is literally dying every few hours...


Due to this stupid 'saving money to get a new phone' plan, I can't get other little things that I want..

Especially the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner!!!
I want it!!!
But nooooo....I have to save money!!


Monday, March 01, 2010


Its another Monday and here I am going through another painful agonizing 4 hour break..
How can breaks be painful and agonizing?
Sitting in front of the computer..facebooking, twittering, going into random websites..thinking what else better to do..
Boredom kills!

I was thinkin of taking a nap later somewhere along the corridor..
But I'm afraid I might strain my neck again like what I did this morning...sakit sial!
class was at 9.30am but I reached college around 8am!

Yes, I have too much free time in my hands nowadays..
Therefore, I'm kinda looking for something to do that can keep me occupied during my breaks..

On the other hand, I have an oral presentation coming up and I have to choose a topic to present on..
Free to choose any topic to my liking as long as its not "racist, sexist or too revealing".. mind wanders....

Oh yeah!
Was at Midvalley yesterday with Christine and Jon to have a surprise party for Vina at Chilli's..
She got a Benefit make up set worth RM500 from Jon..

After that, the couple went back and left only Christine and I..
That's when we went to Starbucks and had the fruitty fraps - Raspberry and Mango..

And I saw this pink tumbler that I wanted so much!
If I can recall, it was pink and had tree of hearts or some sort..
It cost RM52..

Sadly there's no pic of it..searched all over the net for it but don't have..

Anyway, both of us went to nichii to try on some dresses..
Christine tried on a denim tube piece..while I put on a dark blue with frills and some bead design in front..
And the camwhore session begins!


Of course there are the candid shots which are mostly taken while Christine was admiring herself in that dress that she wanted so badly..

She loooved that her boobs were popping out from it..hahahaha!