Friday, April 30, 2010


I tried..
But it didn't happen eventually..
Guess I shouldn't have asked too much..
Anyway, its clear to me now where I stand..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It feels so good it must be love

As Porky and I were on the way home, we heard this song..

Oh, I just can't get enough
Find my stoup I need to fill me up
It feels so good it must be love
It's everything that I've been dreaming of.
I give up. I give in. I let go. Let's begin.
Cause no matter what I do,
Oh (oh) my heart is filled with you.

I hope we always feel this way
I know we will
and in my heart I know that
you'll always stay

-You Got Me by Colbie Cailliat

A song we didn't know but fell in love with at the same time..
Just like how it happened between us..

11 months have passed and about to reach a year!
Time has passed us by too fast..
And so many things we have done and gone through together..
With so much happiness and love..
Getting through every downside that comes our way..
Finally, someone who is committed and true has reached, came knocking on my door..
And I answered with open arms..

Arrghhh....I feel like hugging you now....

Everytime we snuggle up, I feel like falling in love all over again..
Probably Im in deep depth of love with you..
Best feeling in the world of being held so tight in your arms..
Makes my heart melt all the time..

You should know my heart belongs to you..
Cuz ever since we became one, my heart has been filled with you even until now...
Your love is probably gonna fill me up until it overflows..

Never once have I regretted letting you in..
Cuz you showed me love and my days feel so good..

Everytime we have to part, I cry a little bit..
Cuz I hate to say goodbye..
But I'll always be looking forward to another hello..

Probably the most epic thing we did today was booger fight..
eww but funny!!

He's gonna be having his exams soon so we wont be meeting so often.. I have to be on my best behaviour for the next couple of days...
I will try..
Although Im no good at it...
All I can ask for is for you to write something short and sweet..
Something that makes me smile and reminisce about all the happy times we had..
Reminding me of all the fun things we did last time..

Being in love is definitely the best feeling..
Its not about being someone's property..
But its about two persons working things out together so that they can become one..
Its a partnership!

Hey y'all!

Now, Im comfortably seated in my air-con bedroom...ready to blog...
Its been awhile.....

My bloggie is dying cuz all i do is twitter nowadays...
Since my phone can online, so yeah..its much more convenient to tweet 140 words than to blog unlimitedly...

Furthermore, its much easier to accumulate all the events that has happened for the past one week and purge everything at once....


First day of my holiday which started 2 weeks ago was spent at home..
Sis wasn't used to seeing me at home thus, asking me to go out...
So i asked,
"Is standing out the house considered as going out?"

First interesting event of the semester break....

Last Wednesday, Teck Kiong, Wai Keong, Sze Kian, Felicia and I went out to Times Square...
Had lunch at Gasonline and went to Neway Karaoke..
Im not really a karaoke person but it was a first time for me with friends..
Im just too embarrassed with my performing skills.....

Although they say mostly chinese songs which I know nuts about, I still had chances with a few Lady Gaga songs which are so fun to sing along too!

Second event...

I colored my hair and had a hair treatment!
Can't stand the tangles...
Color : Auburn

Third event..

Watching first episode of first season of GLEE and season 6 of House MD..

Fourth event..
Last Sunday, I was out with family at Empire Mall, Subang..
Seems like a nice place although they just opened and only a few were actually opened for business...
Im liking the Stabucks there as the concept of the place looked quite fancy and comfortable. although I only had a peek...
I soooo wanna go there again!

Oh ya! The Loaf bakery is there too!
I want them cheesecakes!!

However, my faith on that day changed like 360 degrees when I got a phone call at 3pm..

Porky: Hey, you wanna go for Kelly Clarkson concert?
     Me: Huuh??
Porky:  Kayshaan bought 2 tickets but he cant make it and he's selling them to wanna go or not?
     Me: Okok..can....

Reached his house at 5pm..
Went to Bukit Jalil Stadium at 7pm..
Concert started at 8pm..

Wow...just 5hours and I came from a mall to a concert...
I did not even have time to dress up or make up...
All I had was a rubber band to tie my hair...

And he even asked me where's my handbag?

Impromptu indeed..

The opening acts were Jacklyn Victor and Suki...both local idols...

Jacklyn really looked like Rihanna...and I just shouted "RIHANNA!!" when she came up on stage..hehe
silly me.

Suki wore a really nice red dress...
Both sang malay songs..
Porky and I had no idea...

About half an hour later, Kelly Clarkson finally came out and started off with All I Ever Wanted...
She did sing a number of my favourites like Since U Been Gone, I Do Not Hook Up, Never Again, Already Gone and finally, she ended the night with My Life Would Suck Without You..

Porky was right when he said her concert was the kind of concert that you can sing along to..
I lost my voice after that!

Most of her songs are about break ups though......

Kelly Fan

Best view...haha

Bright Lights!

It was definitely a great night full of fun!
Thanks Porky!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Im just too lazy to blog nowadays...hehe
Im twittering more now...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 miserable weeks of holiday

I guess its a blessing in disguise to only have 2 weeks of holiday..
Enough time to sleep a bit extra, color nails, cut hair and do some personal random stuffs to entertain myself..
Especially to meet up with some old pals!!

Cant wait to meet the sunway peeps and most importantly....

*drum rolls*

 Christine - the newly attached friend!!
bye bye to single life for you!!
May you and Ivan be together ALWAYS

Lol...I just finito-ed with my last final paper..
Goodbye first was quite a ride...
And its over already!!
Hopefully I dont have to repeat any paper....

Oo Oo Oo~
Felicia, Jing Hui, Joyee, Sow Mei, Lisa and I were at 1U today..
Had Fish & Co. and did some window shopping...
Mostly shopping for eyeliners, nail colors and earrings..

Yes..i finally got some basic studs...
But it'll be even better if I could go for the bazaar at the curve during the weekend......


But seriously, Im serious....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A night and day of Smiles

I have to say..
The best bubble tea award goes to Chocolate Oreo Ice Blended Bubble Tea from the shop called In Each Cup at Tropicana Mall...
It was love at first sip 

Just came back from that mall about an hour ago with my Porky and his mom..
We went out for japanese lunch and boy was I stuffed...
Tempura ramen, soft shell crabs, sukiyahi, salmon soba, sashimi..... much food!!

However all the chocolate oreo has definitely left a big smile on my face...

Last night, I was also able to try out apple pie and banana crumble...
I wonder where's that place that he wants to bring me for our anniversary....hmmm......

Can't wait for my finals to be over by Wednesday....
Then I can get started on my Project...

What Project do you speak of?

Well....I'll call it Project Awesome!

Im such a fail at giving names....

I'll probably name my kids Weepie and Woopie if I have twin sons...
And if I have twin daughters, their names will be Cutie and Cutoe...


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Making my days worth waking up to

Yes, I do appreciate everything you do whether I'm PMS-ing or not..
Such as:
  • Taking that extra effort to make my day a wonderful day by waking up at 7.30am just to come over to my college all the way from shah alam
  • Knowing my fav starbucks drink (we're together for 10 months already...duh! u should know! hehe..) 
  • Staring at guys who stare at me..HAHAHA!
  • Getting me a blanket during the movie
  • Knowing me TOO well including what I'll do or say..and whether I'm smiling or not..
  • Feeding me the best and yummiest food...
I know you've done so much for me and sometimes I admit, I don't realize but whatever I realize, I do appreciate every single thing you do..

But what you might not know is..
  • Everything and everyone around me (who I don't know) disappears when Im with you
  • I get really excited while waiting for you to an adrenaline rush!
  • Whenever we're in the same car, I just can't take my eyes off you
  • I feel like I'm in the most secure place in the world and so protected especially when I'm leaning on your chest - my favorite spot..
  • I'll start missing you immediately after our goodbye kiss
  • Imagine myself watching Glee and House MD with you whenever you're not around..
  • Smile to myself thinking about what we've done..

I know my PMS can be a bitch..but thank you for putting up with it..
Only you can handle me well with care..

In short, you make me the happiest girl and definitely I feel like the luckiest to have you to make my days worth living and more meaningful..
I know I might sound like Im bragging and PDAing around a lot..but he really means a lot to me and he's really the epitome of boyfriend/husband material...for me and only ME!

This week's special

I have been slacking on my blog again..
Realized that I blog about my porky a lot lately..
Mainly because my blog is normally updated from Friday to Sunday..that's when I normally go out with him...hehe

Let's start of with today, shall we? has been a long, tiring day today..
Early in the morning was a nerve-wrecking presentation on how to make sushi..
Which looked like crap in the end....
Panic + Nervous = Disaster!

Later, JingHui, Felicia, Desmond and I used up all the extra sushi ingredients to make the most creative edible sushi for brunch..haha!
So much better than the same old food that we normally have around college which are unhealthy and expensive!!
Together with Jing Hui's dessert which consists of brownies, marshmallows and a tub of ice cream...
We totally had fun eating our very own home-made brunch...

Shortly after that, my porky came and swept me off my feet early in the morning!
Made sushi for him too..although it didnt really look as nice as what you normally see in shops........

Finally tried Starbuck's green tea frapp and dear gawd will I NEVER drink that ever again.....

Then there was computing quiz in the afternoon! much studying...

And to relax myself after that, my dear porky and I went to The Gardens and had Ayam Penyet for dinner...
My fav dish there has got to be the soup!!!

Then we went to GSC Signature to watch How To Train A Dragon...I find Night Fury super duper cute!!


My dear Christine didnt really have the best of luck this week...
Hopefully things will look up starting from now..
Wishing her all the best and to be a strong woman!!
I love you crispy chicken pao!!

Joey pula got into an accident..
Her car was badly damaged due to a motorcycle that banged against the back of her car..
Breaking the whole glass window..
Luckily she's ok but the motorcyclist wasn't..

After all the rushing, running and stressing...
Wow...and there goes another day and another week...