Thursday, May 20, 2010

My babies!

Ok..this week has been quite a ride for me and my pet hamsters..

On mother's day, my hamster gave birth to 3 babies..
But 1 died and 2 got eaten by their momma cuz me and my sis stared at them...
They eat their babies when they feel threatened..

Then 2 days ago, the papa hamster died from some weird unknown infection...
His leg and lower part of the body were all red and swollen..
It made me so sad to see him like that..
But bless that poor little soul...

Now momma hamster, the single mom..just gave birth to another 3 more baby hamsters.....
wtf?? round 2 in just 2 weeks???, they are not 'that' sexually active..
But I suppose she divided her labour into 2 sessions???
Cuz this morning's babies looked kinda bigger than what they are suppose to look like at birth.....

This is how I imagine the mind of the mama hamster.....

So...mama hamster was like...

On mother's day,
"Hmm....i think i'll just pop 3 kids out first"

2 weeks later,
"Dang..I ate all my kids?!"
"Ok..pop the other 3 then.."

*pop* *pop* *pop* 

"Hey kids!"

I know...Im wtf-ing about this issue oo... guess thats an update about my hamsters which Jing Hui said they were more like a horror story when I told her the babies were eaten by their mom.........

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My TikiFarm! yesterday I was bitching about not being able to play tikifarm..
Somehow I was unable to load it..

But today it loaded super duper juper fast and I got to play!

Here's a few snapshots of my tikifarm..
I know you'll go wtf on this...
But enjoy anyway!

My Tiki Farm!

A cow that makes me milk

Drinker's Lounge

Hotel and some lepak place

My Bitch

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Emoest post ever

Im so goddamn freakin emo.
I've been online since 12midnight until now and I still cant play my tikifarm.
I cant harvest my freakin sunflowers!!

Fuck facebook!!
You tricked me into playing tikiresort which sucks balls!!
Big City Life is even more fake and gay!

Facebook can go eat my poo!!

Damn you facebook!!
Damn YOU!!

All your fault for making me so damn friggin emo..


I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad

Currently listening to and hooked on Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars - Billionaire song..
Bruno Mars is on my favourite list now after listening to Nothin' On You and Billionaire..
Take a listen!

I've been trying to play Tiki Farm on facebook ever since I came online..
But somehow facebook wont let me...
pfft..facebook can eat my poo!

Instead, I ventured into Tiki Resort..but kinda troublesome to start from level 1 again....
I'm already in Level 15 in TikiFarm!!

No..don't get the wrong idea..
Im not that free as you might think..
I do check out my e-learning to see what are the assignments and tutorials that I gotta do...

Next week is WEEK 3!
Therefore, the dawn of the super busy semester is coming..bah!
I've heard from so many people that 2nd semester will be full of presentations and there will be an abundant amount of assignments...from all 4 subjects...
scary shiet!

Already I just printed out the assessment for Critical Thinking...
Pretty interesting topics like...

If you could turn back time, what would you change and why?
What is the secret of happiness?
What childhood memory has a profound impact on you till today?

I must admit...I can't wait to answer those questions!
Cuz they look so fun and boy, will my brain juice flow like a waterfall!
siao me....

Anyway, despite all the work load, hopefully I'll pull it through alive.....

Well, on the other hand..
On a happier side..
I finally do not need to rely on public transportation anymore..
It has been fun running around on rapidKL buses, Star LRT and Putra trains though....
screw KTMs! *puiii*

Yeah..I can say that I have finally got my ride...

My very own Myvi!!!
WTT = White tiTTies

After a long one month wait, I finally got the car last Saturday..
Wasn't really used to the whole 'small car' perspective but I'm slowly getting myself there..
Anyway, anyhow...
Im so glad and happpppy!!!!
Double weeeeeeeeeee~~

But wait!
The story of the White TT doesn't just end here..
There'll be another surprise coming up soon...
*hopefully very soon*
And I can't wait for it!

My love!
21st May is next week! fast...
can't wait! can't wait!


Make up!!!

Mascara! Eyeliners!

Especially this cute one here!!


Ok ok..I'll stop right there before you get a heart attack..

Nah...just kidding bout the demanding for materials part..
Lol....Im so scary...hehehehe

All I want is just to spend time with you~

Saturday, May 08, 2010

When I Look at You

In 2 weeks time will be our 1 year anniversary..
But since he'll be having his final exams from 13 to 27 May, I wish him all the best and good luck.
Always keep in mind that I'll be cheering for you all the way from here.

For the past 11 months and 1 week, I have found a purpose, love, truth, inspiration, understanding, and most importantly, the will to live life everyday.

He has played a big role and definitely changed my life so much.
The time when he really went all out to help me was to encourage me to voice out and change my path of education from something which I dread everyday to a new path which is so much clearer now.

Surprises. Spontaneity.
You have shown me so much.
And you never fail to.

Songs that we listen to that tells a story about a life we share together.
Smile - Uncle Kracker

I've never cried so much for someone just because I miss you.
Silly me.

All the silly and funny things that we do.
Leaves a smile on my face.
So does your sweet text messages of how much you cherish and appreciate this relationship.

Although I may have my mood swings and hate you sometimes but no matter how much frustration is built up inside of me, I just can't leave you cuz my love for you is much stronger than that.
I too cherish and appreciate this relationship.
And losing you will be losing everything in my life.

I know I tend to get angry over not seeing you.
But its because I just need you so badly and it really kills me to not be able to see you.
It makes me feel helpless whenever I can't get a hold of you.

Trust me when I say that this is something real which I wanna keep for the rest of my life.
Nothing can change my love for you too.
And yes, I believe we are made for each other cuz no one has ever made me feel the way that I feel for you right now.

I love you, Daniel Soon!

"When I look at you
I see forgiveness, I see the truth
You love me for who I am like the stars
hold the moon
Right there where they belong and I know
I’m not alone"

Sunshine and Rain

First week of semester 2 just passed...
So fassssst!

Next week onwards, I suppose there'll be more work heading towards me..
Gahh...have to buck up, gear up..and whatever that needs to be up-ed.. date with Christine didn't turn out today..

Instead I went over to Empire Mall in Subang and met my porky..
But sadly, he didnt have enough sleep the night before..
So yeah, I felt bad for dragging him out..

I'm terrible...


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Time Not Wasted

Class started at 9am and ended at 11.30am..
Yeap..that's all...

So...since I had so much time today, I thought of getting bathing sand for my hamster...
Went to Midvalley..
But once I got there....
It was closed due to upgrading...


All the bus taking and waiting gone to waste??

No way...
Instead, I took a stroll in MPH (yeah, of all places to go..) I found a nice mug which makes a perfect Mom's day Present... case those of you who have forgotten, Momma's Day is this coming Sunday..

After that, took all the public transport and went home..

Washed the hamsters' cage..

And now, here I am, online..
Downloading songs and blogging....

That's how I roll....

Looking forward to my date with Christine this Friday..haha!


Monday, May 03, 2010


I love my new name on facebook..

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Take A Listen

Was stumbling upon some music and decided to find some oldies..
Good old memories..

One step at a time

Luckily I managed to pass all 4 subjects with 2 distinctions and 2 credits..
If fail foundation, pfft..what am I to become?
I thought I distinction for study skills was possible...but finite maths as well?
Credit for English and Computing..

Second semester starting next week already and I have classes everyday..
However, I only have one class on wednesday...

This time around Im taking Advanced English, Critical Thinking Skills (great..more thinking..), Intro to Business Principles and Intro to Human Communication (yay! chit chat sessions!)

Ok, now something different..

Last wednesday was great!

Got to meet up with Joyce and Good bin after so long..
At first I was in Mid valley with Good Bin and somehow we manage to get my dad's car..
Picked up Joyce from her house which is located in some SANG KA LA...then picked up daniel to be my driver to Look Out Point..
From there, we headed to connaught pasar malam..
After sending Joyce and Good Bin home, daniel and I went to ss15 lorong to yam cha with kayshaan and samuel...

Tiring indeed as it was really a long day...
Got home pretty late but then my 2nd semester is starting next week and I wanted to enjoy every bit of holiday i have left..

Initially the plan was to go Mid valley then go connaught pasar malam with u song..but that happened instead..haha

Dont worry U Song, we'll meet up next time..

And Christine + Joey!! Im not forgetting about you guys!!!