Friday, July 30, 2010

Silence dancing around me

So much has happened for the past few days..
Everything was fine until last Wednesday afternoon when my day turned around and headed south all the way..
I was glad to see Fluffy though..

However, on the way home, I got a call from mom regarding my attendance in college..
Although I've missed  less than 10 classes but I knew I was headed to disaster..

While I was driving home, I was just hoping that maybe that would be the last time I will ever be driving..or breathing..

Cuz when I got home, all hell broke loose..
Despite maintaining good grades and constantly doing my work, it seem like it wasn't enough..
It was just attendance for crying out loud, furthermore, the lecturer did make a mistake in my record and I did fall sick on certain days..but its just that I don't tell..

I duno..I just don't feel like talking much about my work with family..

Well, not only that..
Hoping that when all of that was over, I could finally go back to my real home..
Unfortunately, my home wasn't there..
I had to sit outside in the cold while I shed my tears quietly..waiting for the door to open..
But it didn't let me in first..

Its not about eventually opening the door for me before midnight...

Its about the fact that you knew that I was there and was left there...
While you carried on with your life..

Maybe I shouldn't even have went home..
Instead I should have hid myself somewhere else..
Somewhere where I know that I can depend on myself and not others to make me feel better..

Has time changed us?

So much for my 21st birthday..
27 July - Never was and never will be a good day..


Monday, July 26, 2010

Early birthday presents! my 21st birthday is coming this Tuesday..
Same day as my impromptu public speaking for human comm...gawd....

However, this weekend was great...
Yesterday me and my porky had an awesome Italian meal in Santini at Tropicana Mall..
Got lost around KL..
But managed to reach home...

Today had dinner with family at Italiannes, The Curve...
Then both sis bought me a long charm necklace from Diva..
Love the two of you so much, Kim and Adb....

Presents from parents are coming soon...hahaha
Can't wait!!

Then...the most unpredictable part was an early present by Porky..
Its kinda cliche about the things that couples getting a puppy..
But seriously, I really got a puppy for my birthday........

I thought I was getting a lomo camera since we were talking about it...
But somewhere in the afternoon, we went to SPCA just for fun...
Came back with this cute lil fella...

Its a female puppy...
Currently temporarily calling her Fluffy..cuz haven't decided on name yet...
Right now, she's staying at his place...
Gawd I miss her so much!!!

She looks like a St Bernard dog...
But she's actually mix breed of something something...
Only 2 months old and..
Super fluffy!!

Thank u so much Porky boo!!
Love u lots!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gopeng Camp

A souvenier from camp in Gopeng last weekend..
Much bruises on the knee and many other places as well...

Caving, white water rafting and rock climbing...
Yes, I did it all..
But the best part was riding on an opened-top lorry like a bunch of chinese immigrants...or a bunch of pigs...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's a Letter

The last star left in heaven
Is falling down to earth and
Do you still feel the same way

Monday, July 12, 2010

Expected Results

As predicted, I knew what you were gonna say and do.
Cuz its the same thing over and over again.
You seem to not bother about how to fix the situation.
Ignore it instead.
Its tiring and am feeling drained out of whatever hope I had.
Hope that you'll be different.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just a few days ago, I was really happy...
But since yesterday, my mood just went down like a crashing airplane..
Blame it on the PMS, you can say..
Cuz the season is near..

Even though my emotions are hormonally effected, are my emotions still a valid issue to consider about?
Or is it preferable to ignore them since its all part of PMS?

Ignore them

I dont understand why nowadays there's so many random chinese comments in my blog..
I know they are spamming, it would be nice if you spammers would leave me alone..
Firstly, I dont read chinese...I dont understand..
So pls just stop it..
Its fuckin annoying...

Fuck off!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010


I've been in love with this for too long!!
Ever since I first laid eyes on was just LOVE!!

Click HERE to find out my obsession...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Just handed up my Research Paper today..
Finally, the major curse is over..
But that's not the end of it...
There are still plenty of other assignments due next week..
3 assignments due next week actually....
Gonna so fucking die......
Plus headache for 2 days in a row, non stop.....FML!!!

Lately, I'm just so exhausted from all the work and extensive travelling..
Feeling sleepy and crappy all the time..
I'm probably just gonna break down any time soon..

I can't wear contact lens when I dont have enough sleep cuz my eyes will get itchy and painful...
So since last week, I've been on spectacles....

At home, it's not really a peace of mind at all..
Mom's being ignoring me..
Dad is a bump..
Sigh..the worse part is the financial part..
Eating, buying notes, parking, travelling....all of them cost money..
With the budget I'm given, there's really no room for extra expenses....

Wanna get a part time job but don't really have the time and energy to do it now..
Probably next semester....

Sigh...feeling like my life really sucks right now...
The 'better of dead' kinda feeling..
So that I don't have to worry about nonsense like these...

And next weekend Im going for the Gopeng camp... better be good...