Monday, August 30, 2010

So pweety!!

I was browsing around and I saw this beautiful piece by The Survival Store.

Definitely a bag that I so want so badly!
These kind of designs are in trend now anyway..
And I'm kind of into pink bags nowadays for some reason...

Looooove the heart and ribbon design in front...
My favourite colors are the grey and black one..
There are other colors like blue and orange as well..

I wannnt!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sense of Relief

Just got my results..
Got a pass for critical thinking skills..
Credits for biz, human comm and english..

Well..not impressive at all but I guess it's what I deserve for slacking and last minute studying...


Monday, August 16, 2010


yo yo everyone!

since its the beginning of the sad 2 week holidays and im quite free now..
I thought of playing around with wordpress instead of taking a nap..

so far so good but kinda complicated at times...
but heck, here it is..check it out anyways...

Oh yeah..and here are the very few photos that I took..
The rest will probably come from others...

Hair by hair stylist
Make up by me me me

Guess Im not that photogenic....

Quick update

Final exam finished last Thursday..
After that Jinghui, Daniel and I went to Kota Damansara for Pan Mee lunch..and prom dress shopping!
All 3 of us (including Porky, the man with patience) went to almost every boutique there..
Finally found one long dress which is black and red in color..
I was really stressed out and depressed towards the end of the day until that very last shop of our destination which brought a smile back to my face...hehehe

Later, we went to Goe's for shisha - SPERM BUSTER!!
Epic Mint Flavour evarrr....

Went to SS15 with Porky and Stella for Uncle Seng's homemade noodles for lunch..
Then went over to Subang Parade cuz they wanted to buy camera accessories which went up to RM1k..
While I got myself a handphone cover...nooob!
Then later in the evening, Porky and I picked Vemal, Porky's childhood friend and headed to bangsar..
While Porky was at some meeting, I became the tour guide for that Ipoh friend of his..
Hahaha..I must say I was pretty good at that...
After that, round 2 Sperm Buster at Goe's again..with Porky and a bunch of other Porky's friends...

Saturday was more on preparing for Taylor's Annual Law Ball that night..
Went somewhere nearby for hair styling..
Make up was by me me me...
It was quite a night..
But what completed it was another 3rd round of shisha at Goe's...with Porky and Sam..

Finally Sunday,
It was a Porky and I time...
Went over to see Fluffy awhile..
Then Sunway Pyramid for BBQ Plaza dinner...yummy yummy nom nom nom~

Sorry no photos for now..
But they're coming soon..

Lol...i know i sound like im rushing but yes, im rushing for bed...
Nitey nite peeps!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Its not like the movies

We're trying..

I know you're trying to change..
But one thing for sure is that I can't control you entirely..

Sometimes I feel like telling you exactly what to do..
But it won't feel right..
Because I'd feel like I'm taking away your freedom..

So I let you go do your thing..
Whether I'll be happy with it or not..
I'd rather put that second than to suffocate you..

I always tell myself that you need your space..
That's why I don't comment on any of your activities..

So when you come home really late..
Or get carried away with what you're doing..
I've come to a point where I just don't wanna say anything..

 -someday, somewhere, we'll find a new way of living

Second semester coming to an end

This picture made my day.

Finals are coming!
Finals are coming!!

Its really fast how time has passed...
Second semester is already coming to an end which lasted 4 months..
Great friends..great experiences..
Happy I am..

Well, gotta make sure I study this time...
Can't wait for finals to be over by next Thursday...
quick! quick! quick!