Sunday, February 20, 2011

A late Awesome Valentine's date

As you know, Valentine's day fell on a Monday which neither me nor Daniel was free..
Although we could have met up in the evening, but we didn't cuz the next morning, I had to drive down to Ipoh..

Yeah..I was sad about it that nothing special happened on that day..
But he really made it up to me on Friday..

Dinner dinner....
I thought we were going to Gen, Legend hotel for Japanese buffet..
Somehow he made a turn to somewhere along Jalan Maharajalela..
Turned out he was actually taking me to Cafe Cafe, a fancy smancy fine dining restaurant..

I reaaaaally didn't expect it at all!!
I thought we were going somewhere simple!
Thus, I went in with plain t-shirt and long jeans...sooo lau behhh!!!
But luckily, I wore heels....

Cafe Cafe - really nice ambiance..slow music to get into the romantic mood..
Food was presented duh!
We had escargots and mushroom soup as appetizer..
Then, I had a salmon dish, while he had lamb shank..

But the highlight of the night was this super crazy mad awesome dessert!!

Chocolate goodness with vanilla ice cream!!!
Sooo shiok!!

It was kinda stressful for me to dine in a fine dining restaurant cuz I was afraid that I might do something stupid and embarrass myself and Daniel...
Damn noobie....

After dinner, was his turn to be surprised !!
When we got home, I forced him down on the chair...LOL
And I gave him a box of goodies which included:
  • Tae Kao Noi (Tom Yam flavour) - his favourite seaweed snack
  • Kit Kat
  • mobile Jay Chou electronic fan + 2 AAA batteries
  • Jay Chou first CD album
  • Jay Chou first CD + VCD
Kudos for awesome gift wrapping skills!

Getting the first albums which were released 10 years ago would be something super difficult, right..?
That's why I got it as soon as I saw them!
Not easy to walk around Times Square and Sg Wang to look for these stuffs..
Leg pain...

Yesterday after getting stuffs at Low Yat,  we wanted to have Japanese buffet at Gen cuz we were mad hungry..
But stupid management said they wanna put us at some lousy corner and bla bla bla...too many people...bla bla bla...
Instead, we had Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Ipoh with his friends..

Reached home around 5am..
Slept at 7am..
My sleeping pattern is so screwed.....

This morning woke up at 2pm...
But I was too lazy to get out of was he...
But we finally moved our asses off the bed at 4pm to wash up..
Then headed to Ampang for Korean food for dinner!

BBQ pork, kimchi stew, rice and so many other stuffs...
So yummy, so fulfilling!!

Another weekend well-spent... =)
Happy Valentine's day to you, Porky! ish lookin a lil longer..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On the fence

I've been doing some research and been thinking a lot about this..

I'm about to sacrifice a lot and ready to put in a lot of effort into saving up almost RM2k to get myself an iPhone 4 on my own..

The main purpose of me getting this is so that I can FaceTime, and still be able to sms him when he's away in UK..basically, I'm doing this for that I can be closer to him..

The question is: Will the sacrifices and effort I put in be worthwhile or not?

I don't have a job..
I depend on allowance from my parents which only covers the basic needs of a college student..

I'm also afraid that I might give up halfway..but I know I have to be persistent in order to reach this goal..

I also have to restrain myself from is difficult but I have to..right?

What's bothering me is...
Part of me is so persistent on getting the phone is for us to keep in touch so that we won't feel the distance so much..cuz I really love him and I'm afraid that I might lose him due to the distance..

But another part of me feels that, he'll be so busy with his studies, friends and his other new adventures that he might not have the time to keep in touch with me..
Already now he's busy enough..what more when he goes to UK...

Sigh..this is depressing...

How ironic..It's Valentine's day in about 20mins and I'm here..contemplating about this...
While you're not here...

Hopefully this year, my wish will come true

Every once in a while, I will make a wish list..
But sometimes, wishlists can be really depressing because I don't get the stuffs that I want..

So, this year, I will be less ambitious for a change..
Not to get my hopes too high..

So, my biggest wish is to get an iPhone 4..
Main reason is so that I can communicate easily with Daniel when he flies off to UK this year..
See...not really a self-centered wish..right?

And probably my 2nd wish is to get a customized silver necklace with my name on it from Yume Jewellery!
I know...self-centered much... =_="
Not those big ass diamond-studded gangsta kinda necklace..
Just a small, silver necklace with the cursive word 'Stefanie'..
Something short and sweet...

But in total, these 2 items are gonna cost a lot..
So, should start saving up now..

Wouldn't it be nice if those 2 stuffs could just fall from the sky?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Wonderland

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again.
Carefree. Naive. Ignorant.
Nothing to worry about cuz your parents are always there to take care of you and make sure you're happy all the time.

But at 21, I can only look at how carefree, naive and ignorant children are.

Problems occur on a daily basis.
No more naive and ignorant because of the knowledge and experience.
Even with that, we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Life is a journey that one experiences and how we live it, is how we determine our destiny.

My lecturer is worse than a caveman...he is the caveman's pubes.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Chinese New Year break is over and back to classes and assignments.
Nothing much to complain about actually cuz I got my time sorted out.
Kudos to me!

Currently looking for some songs to dump into my car's thumb drive.
Need some songs so sing along to when I'm on the road.

Just saw Rihanna's new single 'S&M'...
I can guarantee you that there's gonna be a lot of censoring in the video and the song itself..
Cuz there's one part where she sings..

"Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it"

I bet you that that line alone is gonna drive the censorship board so nuts that they might ban the entire song in Malaysia..

Wouldn't it be funny to see in the world section in the papers..

Rihanna's S&M song banned in Malaysia.Because the song is too sexy, their ears might bleed

Look, if sex is such a big NO NO, then why are you making babies on a yearly basis?

I mean c'mon...

There's this lecturer of mine (you know, the malay dude with bad English who always talks about his lame ass experiences in Dubai...yeah, him.)...he was talking about another one of his lame ass experience when he was in freakin Dubai..somehow, he refused to say the word 'SEX' because its a nasty thing.

Seriously, when he said nasty thing, I thought murder, killing, nose picking, farts, goaste,...
I thought of everything nasty but sex.

I really don't know what goes on in their mind seriously.
But what I know is that they are a bunch of hypocrites. Period.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

I'll be goin back to my hometown, Ipoh..
Will be there till saturday...shall entertain myself with my Korean Snack Pack.. XD