Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Primadonna girl yeah, All I ever wanted was the world.

I'm free from assignments for the night. Only tonight.
I've been asked before, "You're studying and working part time? Do you even have time for yourself?"
My answer: Yeah...why not? 
Well, as far as I know I do hand in my assignments on time.
I do go for classes and work at least twice a week.
I even worked last Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Damn.
Perform my duties at home and spend family time.
Maybe not so much with JMC lately cuz everyone has such different schedules
miss you guys~ :(
Last time we used to hang out so often because I was working and had more freedom. 
Now things are just fucked up.
I still get my regular sleep. Hmm..maybe I might be a bit short of it but I'm used to running on 5 hours of sleep.. or less.
Eat. I do try my best to have breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day blablabla.... Well, I tried.
I believe I spend a lot of time driving and hunting for parking space. Hate it but too bad I don't have a daily personal driver from Monday to Thursday -_-
Other than that, I still do normal stuffs like what people normally do.
Well, maybe less social activities like drinking, that's all.
Yeah, the last time I drank was during Oktoberfest about 2 weeks ago. Nasty ending that has proven me that I am not how I used to be few months ago.
However, someone was guessing my age and said that I'm at least 19 or 20. SO.FUCKING.HAPPY. MUAHAHAHA!!! :D
Well, below is a photo of me at Marmalade Cafe, Publika during one of our Friday dates  

He gives the brightest smile that lights up my day 

Monday, October 15, 2012

I ride, just ride.

The full dialogue of Ride.
Fucking amazing.
Just can't get enough of her.