Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Didn't see that comin'

I've been waiting all week for the weekend.
Only to end it with more waiting and misery.
To the extend, I don't even know if I should bother so much anymore.
Somehow things are under a different light from my perspective.
Some things don't feel as important as they used to.
Sadly how things end up in the same scenario again.
Maybe I'm just cursed that way.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Waiting game

How would you feel if you waited the whole day to find out that you have to keep on waiting?

And deep down you know that you'll only meet at the very last minute of the day.

At the same time you wonder about priorities.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Reminder 2016

That whole 'new year, new me' bullshit is not happening.

Instead, a reminder to myself for 2016:

1. Don't trust anyone so easily. Keep some distance just in case that person decides to change their mind.

2. Love yourself a little bit more, no matter how difficult it is. No matter who tries to put you down, just chin up and try to love yourself.

3. Stop expecting. Expectations kill you.

4. Be a tough cookie. People will always try to hurt you verbally and emotionally. Probably they're just jealous of your awesomeness.

5. Bffs are forever and always.

6. Spend less time on social media, especially FB because thats the place where everyone has the need to show off their happiness. And it takes a toll on you, thinking that your life sucks as compared to theirs. But that is not entirely true. Just because you choose to show off less doesn't mean you have a miserable life. It just shows that you're not a showy person. An introvert, ya know. I'm glad I'm aware of how this can affect me so I'm gonna tell myself to spend less time scrolling on that. However, twitter and blogs are different because I tend to just post and ciao. I don't really bother reading stuff there.

So yeah, cheers to me!


You stayed for such a short time.
I didn't wanna sleep because I know once I close my eyes, I'm wasting time away.
I've been waiting all day for that little time with you.
Now I'm awake and you're gone.
Somehow I wish you could stay longer.
The time we had was like a dream.
Somehow it feels like I'm waiting all over again.
But I had to be selfless so that others can be selfish.

I wonder if you know how much it means to me to be with you.
Sometimes I wonder how you feel about me. I wish I knew how deep is your love.
I'm so afraid to give in more and to be returned with nothing all over again.